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Sirensister3's Profile

Member Info
Name: Sirensister3
Birthday: Oct 16 2000
Location: Forever in hiding
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 24 Aug 2015
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Because I disobeyed my alpha... I'm being punished... And I deserve to be punished... I'm banned one year from my pack.. And it hurts... Bad... But I can handle it... Thank you and have a good day... If you have my kik I don't have that anymore. Sorry I have a Wattpad account. Its Weirdness_is_Normal follow me!! My wolf name is shadow wolf IM A WEIRDO AND A WEIRDOS GOTTA BE WEIRD. lol He doesnt see how it makes me cry... How it hurts... You dont need a profile picture of your face. A guy should like you for you. Not just your face. I made that mistake a couple of times. Status: uh... Sad... School... A boy... Shut me out.. Yea I'm fine. Oh don't mind this its just my mask... I have been doing magic for 3 years. I am majoring in the light arts. I'm emo, bi, and love to chat so message me. My favorite creepy pasta is Laughing Jack I love music and I write my own songs if you ask I may be able to write you one but only if you ask This a new song I am working on please send me feed back --PRISONER-- I feel like a prisoner, trapped inside my pain. And you are the warden, keeping me from going sane. I try to escape it but your always standing there. I try to ignore it but your screaming in my ear. I'm tired of you getting in my head screwing up my mind! You tell me I'm not worth it. You say that I'm not perfect. But I'm saying this now! You are going down! Into the ground! That's it for now. Please send feed back! anyone can message me. feel free to i dont mind I'm not perfect. I make mistakes, I'm clumsy, do dumb stuff, I smoke, I'm crazy, and weird. My hair isn't the best, and I'm not pretty, my cloths aren't perfect and I don't have nice shoes. My friends aren't cool, and my family isn't sane. But I love them anyway. I'm unique and different and normal things scare me. If I had a different life I wouldn't have met the people I have and I wouldn't be here right now. I'm glad to have the life I have. I wish I could be like this forever. I have been on here before as Sirensister but I had to delete that on so if you were my friend before message me. Relationship: what? Sexual orientation: Bisexual Favorite band: Falling in Reverse Favorite song: Check Yes, Juliet by We The Kings Faovorite book: The Fault in Our Stars Favorite shoes: Converse All Stars Favorite color: Blue, and blue Motto: "If you cant play, dont eat worms." Im an ADHD, music listenin, sass talkin, soda drinkin, b*tch. I dont take sh*t from people. Rules for messaging me: 1: proper gramer, it doesnt have to be totally proper but atleast spelled so i can read it. 2: no rude peeps. I dont do rude. 3: do not message me and start off by calling me "baby" or "babe" or "sweet cheeks" i dont do that. Im crazy?! I should get off this unicorn to slap you. Unicorns still exist but they gained weight and scintests called them rynousorises. Girls, if your guy is shorter than 5'5" then he aint your man, he's your minion. If every porkchop was perfect, then we wouldnt have hot dogs! Religious beliefs: Im a practicing Satanic Theises.. (meaning i dont follow god and all that sh*t. So dont start messaging me tellin me how "god will save everyone". I dont believe in sarifises and all that but i think christans are wrong and live in the dark. People like me live in light. WE are more open minded then christens and we know the truth. We dont hate homosexuals, pansexuals, bisexuals, acesexuals, asexuals, polysexuals, and any others. Christans say that in death "god will judge us" but we see that we are judged now, and in death we are at peace. Any questions about this just ask.) Why is it PMS when it's Pre Mestral CYCLE? Why is it not PMC?