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Name: BlueWolf333
Birthday: Mar 9 1991
Location: California
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Just joined this site in hopes that it be a valuable asset in my life. I'm not sure how personal I should go in introducing myself, but I'm 23, in college and from California. I have a huge interest and a pretty good history of astral projection, dream spells, meditation, spirit guides, wolves (no, not twilight stuff), dark arts, psy vampirism, protection spells, vengeance spells, love spells (seriously, who hasn't tried a least a few?) and self empowerment spells. I should also note that I am in a wheelchair and live in a non magick friendly home, so most of my spell work is done at night with no items used besides a virtual candle (iPhone app), some meditative music, and of course, my mind. So, any and all tips, advice, and greetings are welcome :)