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I am a practising eclectic Wiccan (female) and I have been studying and practising Wicca and Witchcraft since I was a teen. I use different forms of magick including (but not limited to): -Angel Magick -Sea Magick I am a soft Polytheist (a person who perceives all Deities to be the same Being) Feel free to ask me any questions, or send a friend request. I send you the Brightest of Blessings. Religion's lead us into relationships with the Divine, but are not Divine themselves. Monotheism By Inclusion: Monotheism by inclusion is where many Deities (or all)have merged into one for cultural or political reasons etc. All names either become equal or you find one name will become the one you use. I recognize all Deities are one, and if you read to more on this I suggest path of a Christian witch by Adeline St. Clair. "A universal theology is impossible, but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary. Someday we'll all realize that we're talking about the same Creator through various religious and spiritual paths, even though we use different words to describe the experience."-Doreen Virtue. Favourite books include: -Path of a Christian Witch-Adelina St. Clair -In Her Service: Reflections of a Priestess of Aphrodite- Laurelei Dabrielle -The Wicca Bible- Ann-Marie Gallagher -Beliefs that changed the world- John Bowker