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Name: Texasanioc
Birthday: Aug 28 1995
Location: I live in the Physical World, but see the Spiritual World...
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Hey, my name is Jacob. My last account was Jacob14, but it started acting weird and the messaging ability wouldn't pop-up and it was being stupid, oh well. Well, I believe that there are very sinister people and "beings" out there that want to take control of mankind and destroy, and control the last of them as slaves. Yes, that's right, I believe in The Illuminati. Well, I'm currently trying to stop them, by raising an army of information. Now, be known I am no Messiah, I'm not some magical being that came from The Heavens, or the gods. I don't have anything but a few minor abilities that the average psychic has, like seeing ghosts, spirits, or whatever they are. Have dreams of the future now and then, and get a couple of visions every other year. Nothing special. But I got things that I think everyone on this site has, probably why the interests even came up. But yeah, a little about me. I like Rock and Metal, I only know a few songs, just started listening to it, so don't expect me to know every song. I still like pop, rap, oldschool rap, hip-hop, R&B, and more, but that kinda music is controlled by The Illuminati, if you want I can tell you about it, just message me. I know alot people say, but I know I know little compared to those that have more evidence than words and the internet, well I have some history to back up my stuff, but only a few pieces. I also have more questions then answers, it's like everytime I figure something out or learn something new, I get more questions. You know what they say though, Ignorance is Bliss. And right now I'm living in Hell, lol. But yea, I also like to flirt, but you gotta give me something to go off of, not just say, "Flirt with me." Or, "You wanna flirt?" If you feel like flirting with me, just send me a wink face at the end of a sentence basically bringing me on or complimenting me, or else I won't know, lol. But yeah, I like messages, so just text me if you feel like starting a convo. Also, I like seeing a pic. of you if you don't have a pic of you on your profile pic. or in your pics. I just like to know what you like for a better visual in my head of who sent me what, and this message and that, etc. And this applies for both guys and girls, by the way, I'm straight. "Life is completely fair, it is man himself who isn't." -Alvarado, Jacob E.