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Name: Way
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I go by the name of Way. I am a stealth and agility based martial artist, air based elemental manipulator, philosophical and scientific alchemist, musician, healer, and a student of life. Though still young in wisdom of the great works, I have lived a life of constant turmoil and use my dark past as my drive to train my body and mind to its highest potential. I am searching to be an apprentice to fully hone my sensory powers, spiritual clarity, and fully become one with the path set out by the cosmic energies present at my birth. I am just beginning in the world of alchemy and magic, but the few out of the ordinary experiences I have had with elements like air, fire, and water have revealed the potential I have to reach great lengths with my abilities. It has manifested an internal drive that I have never felt in anything in my past, but know has been present since the beginning. I wish to fully grasp the flow of the core energies of our existence and bring prosperity, love, wisdom to as many as I can.