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Hello! I'm Dennis, That's pretty much the only name I go by these days so feel free to call me that if you ever mail me. I'm not particularly religious any more but I do follow the teaching of Thelema, don't ask for references because I have none, sorry. I'm a huge gamer I play the rainbow, from platformers to FPS all the way to indie horror. You can name a game and I've probably at least heard of it. I have screenshots of my Steam library in my photos. If anyone was wondering I'm 19. I used to be a YouTuber but recently stopped due to personal problems that I am addressing and will upload once I have more time. If you mail me, please have a subject, I'm not very fond of guessing what you want. That's pretty much all I have to tell at the moment, If you would like to know more, feel free to mail me. Until then, have a wonderful day/ evening! ^_^