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Name: BlackRose278
Location: EMT Class (Just graduated college)
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READ FIRST: Do not flirt with me please. Anywho: I am a magick lover, and wish to use the spells that I learn for bettering myself and my friends. If you have any questions, please contact me. Currently, I am slowly getting used to the elements I have graciously been given to from the gods. May they all be happy and prosperous in the days and nights of this year. I am very happy with this, and I will happily talk with you whenever I can. However, I will not respond if you only want to use me for spells. I would love to talk if you are genuinely interested in practicing magic and bettering yourself as a person. *Edit: if you wish to learn how to cast a spell, I can help :) it's best to learn how to cast your own spells, so then you can get better at the craft. But, I can always try to help if you have any questions. Also, The spells I have tried have worked so far, the only one that didn't work was a blood making spell. Also, please do not try to flirt with me, there are a lot of nice girls in the world that are waiting for you :)*