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Name: lita196903
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My name is Lita, iam 44,people think iam in my 20's. Iam often called a doll. I have long blond hair,green eyes,tall and slender. People and animals are attracted to me. I have a black cat, Shadow was a homeless kitty, showing up at my door, wanting food and water, and has decided to live with me. When I was 8, I realized I was different than most. I have esp abilitys. I have mastered the art of Lucid dreaming also Astral projection. these things I have done by accident and relized I have the power and had been practicing ever since. I have no fear, because my Demons have already scared the daylights out of me, because of them iam numb and hard to the core. I don't get very much sleep, because I have an Incubus that I very much enjoy he has been with me since I was 18. I enjoy subjects such as science, theology, philosophy, metaphysics. My favorite music/artist are Stevie Nicks, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, Heart, Marilyn Manson, Pink Floyd, Deicide, Slayer, Ozzy ect... check out this really cool video on youtube called inner world, outer world. it has 4 parts to it and is about 2 hours long when combined. Enjoy Zoso,Zoso,Zoso