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Name: silverfrostx
Location: In the heart of frozen nightmare
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 29 May 2016
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I am gay who practises all kinds of magicks. But i concentrate to herbal, protecting magic and necromancy to dark arts. I can cause horrifying effect by curses and hexes, still i am nice person. I am advanced in green magic and herbalism. My abilities are:
-Spell casting
-Aura reading
-Potion brewing
-Elemental and spirit magic
-Emotional vampirism
-dark arts
I want to help people with my knowledge, for cleaning my karma. But still i have rules
-I cast spells for you if you dont stumble me
-I dont and i cant change you into mythical creatures
I seek gay friends and i want YOU real caster to my friend...
Magical Name: SilverFrost Storm
My aura colors are: Gold, Red and Dark blue.
Zodiac: Cancer
Element: Water
Practical Level: Adept
I am specialized in: Green Magic&Potions
Sexuality: GAY and i am proud of it!
Practiced: 4.years
Magical Otientation: Old and modern witchcraft. Stregheria, wicca and traditional witchery.
Other: I believe that witches/warlocks are other race than homo sapiens, Homo magi. Were more powerful than humans, we are the children of moon and nature...
I believe in the great forces above us. I am in goddesses arms, and she keeps me tight. She protects us from harm.
You, who is reading this. Bless you, let the divines hold you in their roots...
SilverFrost Storm
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