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albeato1's Profile

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Name: albeato1
Birthday: Jan 16 1999
Location: The night is still young, the night still young, The night is still young and so are we!
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 25 Feb 2016
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
If your someone who can see into the future or perform division some how or another would you mind asking a few questions regarding on "Prince Charming" or my career thanks. If your someone who can speak to passed spirits could you please contact me I'm seeking information about my darling guardian angle named Priscilla. If you could it will be honored. *I'm offering a free reading all you need to do is inbox me your physical appearence that's if you don't have any pics of yourself and send me a question you want answered.* If there's messages u send without No Subjects will be deleted without even looking at them. When messaging me u must have a purpose for doing so because I really had the small talk crap so no sending 'hey' 'hi' 'sup' 'what are you up too' and etc this will be deleted you will be blocked and reported for harassment without questions asked. My photos are private so if u want to gain access to them The name is Evanessences I'm 16yrs old. I have number of mental illnesses e.g Depression, Paranoia, Schizopheria (not sure how to spell it). I'm Bisexual, prefer girls more. But I'm taken by the greatest guy known here. We share this account with each other. His the one for me and if anyone dares to do anything towards me or him you'll cope it big time. I'm a casual satanist were I follow religion differently then other people I don't have any social media apart from this site Quotev and Facebook if u contact me on Facebook you must tell me your name on Spells of Magic and I will NOT add your friend request I only accept people I know. And I have Tumblr just click on this link https://www.tumblr.com/blog/professorgoldring I'm a Grey witch meaning i perform Black and White magick. And I have multiple magical abilities/Things I Practice: - Water - Anthropology - Demonology - Necromancy - Greek Mythology (Athena and Apollo) - Egyipt Mythology (Bastet and Ogdoad) - Mexican Mythology (Ixtab) - Kitchen Witchary (Potions and Stuff!) - Sex Magic - Demonic Magic - Star Signs (Study on behaviors of each sign) - Dark Magic - Grey Magic - Summoning (Automatic Writing (Leaner)) - Shadow - Herbliest/Alchemist - Light Magic - Earth - Communing (Automatic Writing (Learner)) - Divination - Combat All of these were pasted down by my great great grand mother Priscilla who is a Anglic Mage she follows me because of these magica abilities I have been given on my mothers side of the family. I'm very faithful that some people went out of they way to help me find my future guardian. So I'd like to say a very special thanks to them. I am the Priestess of Eye Of Knowledge if you want to join speak to me on Quotev link is shown above I role play comment if interested I'm into any sort of rock music like Nirvana, Metallica, Evanessences and MUCH MORE! I'm also a step mother to the most gorgeous girl in the world who I wouldn't trade in for the world I'm a horror freak XD followed by I'm a emo that cuts and a classic gothic My spirit animal is the male/female Pheonix whos name is Phyra. I love writting poems so feel free to look through my album in there will be photos with a poem in the description. I write stories, poems look at my published, Activities or Journals BUT BE WARNED!! I write really really shady stuff if you don't like it then get off my profile 1. Don't message me with 'No Subject' 'hey or hi' messages will be deleted. 2. Don't try and push ur religious crap down my throat because I'm happy with mine and I wouldn't change it for the world. 3. Don't message me on turning u into an magical creature of sort grow up! And I will NOT CAST SPELLS FOR YOU! but I will suggest the ones I've posted. And I DONT TEACH!?! This means that I won't teach you any magic what so ever so if u send me a message asking for a teacher then you will be blocked and reported for harassment. 4. Any form of insults and hate u use against me YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE! 5. Have a purpose on why your messaging me not short convo such as 'Hey' or 'hi' I will delete them this is a waste of my time and space. 6. If you don't have a profile pic and bio/profile pic or bio I will NOT reply to your messages nor take u seriously. Any other questions ask me INBOX ME ONE AND COPY THIS TO YOUR PROFILE AND SEE WHAT PEOPLE RATE YOU 1. Violent 2. I'd marry you 3. Sweet 4. Sexy 5. Talkative 6. Short.... 7. Amazing 8. Funny 9. Fun 10. Perfect 11. I love you 12. I miss you 13. Special, unique, and weird 14. Random 15. You're the best 16. I'd date you! 17. Cute 18. Beautiful 19. Best friend 20. I want a relationship 21. I would take a bullet for you 22. I want you as my slave 23. None 24. You're adorable 25. I hate you YEY