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PLEASE DON'T MESSAGE ME TRYING TO FLIRT WITH ME OR WHATEVER. IF YOU DO IT WILL BE IGNORED. I AM HAPPILY TAKEN. Hello, My name is Richelle. I guess you can say I have been sensitive to picking up spirits at a very young age. As much as I can read the future from time to time. I can also sometimes pick up on other peoples auras. I do tarot card readings from time to time and have also practiced a bit of palm reading. I started using witchcraft since I was 8. Have been ever since. Im just looking to grow more and more. I do not do spells for people. That is your own business. But I can help you if you need help on anything else. I get great satisfaction from helping people. I am, I guess you can say, a free spirit. I don't necessarily follow any certain path. I just do what is best for me. I cast spells, mainly protection, cleansing and everything in between but I don't hurt people. "...when the witches want to bring on thunder, they plunge their hands in the water a certain way..."