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Name: Annaleecia93
Birthday: Jan 19 1993
Location: Bethlehem, P.A
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 21 Oct 2013

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I have a love for Art, particularly writing and poetry. I love having the interest and passion in my own ideas. I write to create life in my own imaginary escapes.

My next love is in life and all living. Love and beauty does not have an exact definition. Their definition is different to all. Just like there is beauty in all things I believe there is good and evil in all and without either ; there is an imbalance.

Music is more than just sense, I love all types if it interests me.

I believe in a lot of things, I do belive in a God and a merciful one who knows me better than anyone. Yet, I believe in my own higher self and although I have a lack of recognizing my inner intuition, I do not fail to recognize knowing myself.

I believe the mind is a powerful tool and can unlock great things and is an unlimited source used wisely.

What is taken should always be given back some way. Some things should not be disturbed.

Sure, I believe in the supernatural but not like in the media or books. Quite frankly I don't need to know, because I have just as much trust in that knowledge than how trustworthy I am.

My social circle is small, but I don't need a big circle of friends to believe I'm important and needed.

I admire people who garden and try to go as natural as possible.

My best and first experience I never forget:

swimming at a beach. Letting the waves come and diving under before they hit. Feeling the cold water and tasteing the salt on my lips. The sun was so bright the water was so blinding at times. Even when my skin was wringled, almost felt invisible by the sense of peace, I didn't get out. When I did I fell asleep under the sun and the light, breeze and gentle rumble of the waves crashing in just felt amazing. It was like at that moment I felt I could do anything and be inspired. I felt driven to know how much others don't.

Those moments are rare yet defining to me, because I felt life and beauty. Almost better than wishing immortality, I suppose.

My next love is for my boyfriend and for the life we created. We're expecting a baby sometime in May. I have this feeling it'll be a boy. If so, he will be just as beautiful as a girl. He'll be my glow. I pray his stars and life path will not be as troubling as I had in growing up. It shouldn't because he will have a Mom who will teach, love and support him in all ways she hadn't and wished she did. A Father strong at heart.

I never joined a site like this, bit I believe in magic and trying to explore.


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