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Witchyness6's Profile

Member Info
Name: Witchyness6
Location: Glaring From A Corner
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 21 Oct 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Ok so, um I'm Witchyness as you all know...unless you can't read then whatever. You guys can call me...um...er oh yeah! Call me Witchy! I was always called that cause I was the toughest female in my school and I was always helping others. So more of a evil-goody girl kinda thing? So I'm really nice but don't even think of flirting with me, because that happened once over the internet and I don't want it to happen again ok? Good! Ok so let me see...hmm...no flirting, check...nickname: Witchy, check...feel free to send me emails asking me or telling me things...not check. So please email me! I'm not that experienced in magic but I know enough to get around. I'm still learning so if you're a moderator or if you're an experienced...somebody or something! Than please message me and I'll try to 1. Co-operate within time, because lets face it nobody can be on this website 24-7 and even if I was then I'll probably be looking at spells and not my mail. 2. i will try and help so yeah... Some stuff about myself: Name: Kayla Nickname: Kyles, Kayla, Witchy Prefrences: Bisexual, but I prefer guys Pets: 1 dog. His name is Teddy. (Yeah I know lame, but nobody could pronounce his chinese name) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Likes: Animals (Including fictionals): Cats, dogs, hamsters, fluffy bunnies, dragons, griffins, phoenixes Video games: Minecraft (I think its a video game? Shows: Don't watch much TV but if I were to choose....Shake It Up, Jesse, Tom and Jerry Songs: Bring the Fire, Don't Push Me, S.O.S, Ready or Not, Give Your Heart A Break and Neon Lights. Bands/Artists: Too much to list ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dislikes: Animals: Too much to list Video games: ??? Shows: ??? Songs: i have no clue! Bands/Artists: Justin Bieber, 1D ------------------------------------------------------- Oh yes one more thing! If you are like one of those depressed people ok? Please stop that! Stop going around the website and going like "Heyy i'm so depressed pay attention to me because I want to stop being depressed..." Just no! Ok NO! N and the O no! Not to sound blunt or rude or anything, but come ooonnnn!!!! Real depressed people don't go around a, might I remind you, WEBSITE and say "Hi! I want to kill myself because I'm depressed!" No! Don't do that to me! Ok? Cause I feel guilty easily and right now I feel like tearing this whole keyboard out for what I'm writing, but I have to say this! Go and tell someone how you feel! Get! I repeat for ONE TIME ONLY! Get a COUNSELOR! Say it with me! Coun-sel-or!!!!! Unless you really do seek comfort I'll be there to help you! But before you mail me, meditate or reflect! Is counseling, comfort and advice is what you really want? Or do you want attention because you feel as though you have no idea what you're doing? Because if the second answer is the case then you can go to another friend! Cause I ain't doing that no more! Oh and I'm not copying and pasting this is actually my own because I got gagged by a moderator who thought i was spamming which was totally unfair! so... So now that I'm done...hmm nothing else to say so I'm gonna go and do...stuff yeah stuff! Pfft good choice of words Witchy, great awesome vocabulary! Show the world whatcha got yeah! Sigh...I need some ice cream...