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xwolfgirl99x's Profile

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Name: xwolfgirl99x
Birthday: Mar 10 1999
Location: walking along the path of insanity with a knife and scissors strapped to my hips and Mr.Chainsaw in hand.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 03 Mar 2015
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Sup? Im Skylar Serenity Storms my real name is wynter (winter) im good at being quiet and im a beginner in magic im 15 and im a wolf no not a werewolf my soul isnt human its a wolf, so I guess you can say im half wolf. Im also a great friend to have i can forget things a lot but only when I need to remember is when they won?t leave. I have bad times when it comes to keeping memories just ones willing to remember and all i will ever want on my wish list is spells and things to help with them. As I say I have two types of religions. I'm a Wiccan, and an otherkin. I can be good help sometimes at times it depends, I could be a good slave but lets say I already have a master?my master kitty but im willing to have another, oh and im a great listener and problem solver. Love will never come to me it?s like I don?t have the emotion. Im the queen of hearts aka the mad queen and like I always say, the queen of hearts can never love for her own heart doesn?t even know what love is. Im also a night owl im up with the moon and tired when the sun is up mostly from lack of sleep. Random facts involving me: 1: I need a magic teacher in well magic! I wanna try to stay with light magic but maybe all magic too. If you want to be my teacher or help at all contact me. 2: If you mess with my friends or harm them i will hurt you. If not me then big time them same goes for me. You can say me and my friends are like a pack you mess with one you mess with all. 3: Dont pick a fight with the monster inside if you do then we're all fucked. 4: I love to see how insane and scary others are. And I love even more to show how insane and scary I am to others. 5: I am in fact bisexual. 6: i can see in the dark being part wolf makes it possible for my eyes to adjust quicker and see through the night. 7: I have an insane side. Weirdly she has two different levels the first is her rude crazy self I call her solar but then theres her killer blood lust one which Ironically is my creepy pasta oc her name is Insani Latin for insane. 8: Most likely way Ill die-suicide from releasing bottled up emotions. 9: Solar only comes out when im freaking out to mock me and call me names. 10: I guess im scary when im mad so dont make me mad. 11: Dont be afraid to ask about some stuff like what my version of the queen of hearts is. Why creepy pasta. And dont be scared to help me with magic I feel a bit lonely. 12: I like sharp things knives and scissors mostly, and my best friend Mr.Chainsaw! He loves to bake with friends! Oh and i make people into food. (Not really)