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Name: Flamelord333
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I had originally come to this site because I've been interested in mental and spiritual information for, at that time, one year, and i wanted to learn more techniques.
It's been 2 years, since I joined this site, and I've dealt with a multitude of entities; some possessed me, some drove me to the point of clinical insanity for a short period of time, and while at the same time a very poisonous relationship i dealt with the past two years, I've just flat out Isolated myself to get my work done. With that said. Those entities I've dealt with are no longer an issue, Although I don't really even recognize myself anymore.
Things have changed a lot since 2012. Overtime I've been getting stronger and stronger with my advanced verson of techno-astral projection (which is basically using electricity in the air from wifi connects to project more easily without the loss of energy to do so; the extra abilities of this include the ability to do it when I'm awake, and astral projecting to two places at once). learning spells from this site, and using them to help myself