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Name: xblack_birdx
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I have been practising with energy since i was 15. I have obtained the ability to draw power (energy) from the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, astra), and I wish to learn more and get stronger (better) at what I all ready know. before you ask, i WILL NOT do any spells for you so don't ask. I am 24 years old and i am a Taurus and I do not like drama, so please don't start any I will not tolerate it thanks blessed be )o( please for the love of the goddess if you messege me do NOT refer to magic as "white" or "black" magic there is no such things IT IS ALL MAGIC it all depends on your purpose of the spell here is a bit about me: i love rock (mainly heavy metal), some country i love swimming and being out doors i am an archer i play disc golf (on occasion) i am a knife collector/critic Chakra Results Root: Over Active 88% Sacral: Open 68% Naval: Over Active 75% Heart: Over Active 75% Throat: Over Active 81% Third Eye: Over Active 93% Crown: Open 65% (this messege is for anyone interested in beeing in a coven) we at Divine Essence are currently looking for new members so if you a interested in joining please contact the preist or preistess for more info on joining, thanks and blessed be