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ThriftyWitch's Profile

Member Info
Name: ThriftyWitch
Location: Maryland
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 04 Oct 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hi there, I'm ThriftyWitch, First of all, I'm 20 years old, I love animals, being one with nature, seeing the good in human beings, sharing my knowledge, ideas, and wisdom, and food...I really love good food. I follow a very diverse, personal, spiritual path; I enjoy learning about new spiritual ideas and finding the right ones for my life. With all of the research I have done I tend to be very knowledgeable in a variety of spiritual subjects, from The Law of Attraction to Witchcraft and Paganism (and far beyond). I am a practicing witch of several years. I choose a very eclectic, non-dogmatic approach to witchcraft, preferring to let my intuition and my heart guide me to the right spells, traditions, and practices for my life at the time. I have been called a "secular witch" before, and I even use that title from time to time, since I stray from dogma and organized religion, but I find that my practice is deeply spiritual, and rooted in my sense of self and connection to the universe. Some of my first spells were found on Spells of Magic, and I absolutely love to see it have grown so much over the years. If you're wondering about my username, ThriftyWitch came from one of the ideas at the root of my practice, that I could be a practicing witch and live a holistic, pagan lifestyle, without spending large amounts of money on all of the things that seemed to be "required" for many spells, rituals, and the pagan lifestyle at large. With this idea in mind, I set out to build a practice based around me, my spiritual energy, and my connection with the universe. I still use many different things for my spells and rituals, but I prefer to use home made or home grown, and it has made a WORLD of difference in my practice. I feel with the focus on the personal my spells are greatly amplified in power and my connection to the universe and the magic that I use has been strengthened immensely by my participation in all of the processes leading up to the spell or ritual as well as the ritual itself. In my practice, I focus mostly on spells and rituals that require little or no external ingredients (I tend to think the best ingredient in a spell is you), and often modify or create my own spells drawing on the deep personal power and universal connection that resides within us all. If I do use other ingredients, I love to use homemade candles, and home grown herbs, an element of the personal is a must for me. At the moment I am in the process of building an online magazine and community based on this eclectic, personal approach to magic and pagan life, and hope to have it launched by later this year. I'm not "out of the broom closet" as they say, which is why don't I feel the need to use my personal name, not so much out of fear, but because I accept those around me for their personal realities and since mine is a personal path I am not too worried about sharing my beliefs with everyone I know, especially since I feel that would probably be forcing my beliefs and opinions on them. Those closest to me know, and I am happy to share with them, but I see no harm in keeping my beliefs to myself. I hope you've gotten to know me a little better now! I love to talk and to share ideas, so if you'd like to send me a message I'd be happy to get back to you as soon as I can. I don't always respond right away, but if you give me a few days I always try to get back to everyone who messages me!