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Name: cute_sassy
Location: I will be there... WHEN THE TEARS OF YOUR SOUL ARE LIKE RAINDROPS IN THE LONELINESS OF THE NIGHT... ( fighting against destiny...)
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Hello My name is Nile Jithers. I'm 17 and my birthday is june (secret!)oh yeah! And I love party. and meeting people. I also love magick. OMG! I forgot but not late I can see spirits anytime of the day and can talk to them. I can do astral as well. Nice meeting to you all. "It's a bad habit of mine. When I concentrate on one thing, I forget other important things." I want to learn more!!!! Pls. help! okie! ********God & Goddess grant me:*********** The power of Water, to accept with ease and grace what I cannot change The power of Fire, for the energy and courage to change the things I can The power of Air, for the ability to know the difference And the power of Earth, for the strength to continue my path. **** Another Spell to Accelerate Time***** Light 3 candles and place them on an alter, create a circle, mark it with roses, and recite the following words.(If the candles are blown out the spell worked, if it didn't repeat the same process again until it works. Here is my Spell. "Winds of time gather 'round, Give me wings to speed my way. Rush me on my journey forward, Let tomorrow be today." Types of magick Anthropologists often distinguish between two forms of magick, the sympathetic and the contiguous. Sympathetic magick works on the principle that like produces like. Contiguous magick operates on the belief that things that have been in contact will continue to act on each other after the physical contact has ceased. There is also a common distinction made between black magick and white magick. White magick is characterized by rites and spells designed to produce beneficial effects for the community or individual, particularly in those cases where an illness is considered to be the result of evil demons or of black magick. What follows is a brief, nowhere complete list of some of the more popular magickal beliefs. Low Magick, also known as Sympathetic or Folk magick seems a slightly condescending term, but it is used to separate it from the structured, religious-philosophical approach of "High Magick." Low Magick is more properly called Sympathetic Magick, because it operates by an object or device being in sympathy with the person at whom the magick force is directed, through a physical, psychic or symbolic link. It is magick of the mind, an invocation of minor spirits or elementals to carry out an action. Vodoun and other types of Voodoo magick in South America and the Caribbean, as well as New Age candle-magick, love spells, runes etc, are all forms of Sympathetic Magick. Low Magick can be divided into two categories, Homeopathic and Contagious Homeopathic Magick, as used in homeopathic ritual, produces like for like. For example, a pin stuck into a symbolic representation of a person causes pain. This is an extreme example, as more commonly, other symbolic methods are used, such as to bring loved ones together, or for healing or binding. Contagious Magick works on the principle that things that were previously in contact or joined still carry influence over each other. For example, blood, hair or nail clippings can be used to curse, bless, heal or communicate with the spirit of another. High Magick High Magick is a highly ritualized invocation of spiritual powers and is part of a greater philosophy and belief system, including rituals of the Kabala or the Hermetic Orders. High Magick invokes spiritual energy, channeled for healing, protection, binding, curses or vengeance. Kabbalistic Two common works of Hebrew literature are the Torah, otherwise known as the Pentateuch - the first five books in the Christian Bible and the Talmud, a collection of commentaries and thoughts of highly-regarded Hebrew scholars, priests, and rabbis. However, a much less known work is the Kabbalah, upon which are based the mystical foundations of the religion. Kabbalism is based on the belief that creation of all that exists occurred through emanation from God and that there exists a hidden meaning in the placement and numeric values of the letters in the Torah. African The leading modern African religions of the western hemisphere are descended from one of two tribal cultures: the people of Ifà , from which Santeria is derived, and those of the Congo, which has Voudon and Palo as its modern descendants. These beliefs are completely different and in some cases diametrically opposed, and yet, their similarity of perspective is striking. Therefore, these very different religions can be grouped together. Most magickal effects in these beliefs are gained through supplication to higher powers. These powers can be in the form of deities, administrators in the tradition of the Saints of Christian thought or the Archangels of the Hebrews. Spirits of dead ancestors rank high in importance and are often asked for advice or guidance. Usually, some sort of sacrifice or offering is required in such instances and plays an important role in the outcome. Wicca Early English (Saxon) term for witch, derived from a German root word meaning "to twist or to bend." Also used to denote the witch religion, a neo-pagan, nature-oriented, religious practice having its roots in pre-Christian western Europe and undergoing a 20th century revival, especially in the United States and Great Britain. It is a relatively modern religion, which claims its roots in various forms of the Old Religions of Europe, but incorporates some of the myths and practices of the Christian Church. It owes its beginnings to Gerald Gardner, who announced to the world that he was a witch in 1957, shortly after England repealed its laws against witchcraft. The religion is earth-based and magickal and Wiccans typically worship both a God and Goddess. Shamanism A shaman is an individual who willfully and purposefully enters an altered state of consciousness to gain access to some hidden reality with the usual intent of performing some magickal work or attaining uncommon knowledge. Almost always, there is identification with a specific animal, called a "totem animal" or "spirit animal." These animals act as guides in the other reality and aid the visiting shaman in avoiding dangers. It is believed that shamans originally acted as healers for tribes or groups as the word "medicine" in most shamanic traditions is interchangeable with "magick." Witchcraft Witchcraft, or Traditional Witchcraft has long defied denfinition and rightfully so. Traditional Witchcraft is not as much a belief system as it is a system of willful and procedural actions. The rede of the true "witch" could be summarily stated as "whatever works". Magick exists without witches. Witches become adept at the manipulation and harnessing of existing natural and supernatural forces and the laws of nature to achieve their desired results. Hence, there can be good and bad witches depending on their intents. All forms of magick and magickal thought can and should be at the disposal of a true witch, with only the individual witch's ethics limiting their uses. True witchcraft holds no allegiances to any particular affiliation, but rather, stands alone. False Aura Illusion Touch 1 action 1 minute per DL Diff 10 Attempts to create a false magical aura or hide a spell's true aura. This is often used to hide enchantments from identification. If a divination spell is cast, this aura will be detected before the true aura. The spellcaster must make a Spellcraft skill check versus the DC of the False Aura spell in order to realize it is false. Otherwise this aura appears real. If used to mask another spell, then that spell remains hidden and is skipped over in the divination process. If masking another spell, the Magical Aura spell must be cast at a DC equal or above the difficulty that spell was cast at. Casting a Circle Cleanse your mind and picture the energy of the universe and nature mixed with your energy. Imagine yourself glowing purple or orange, whatever works for you. While facing North point your athame, wand, finger, or whatever you use towards the ground and see the energy flowing out. Begin to walk clockwise (right) around the circumference of the circle. Imagine a sphere forming with you inside it, half below the ground and half above. Closing a Circle Close the circle by picking up your athame, wand, finger, or whatever you used to cast it and walk to the corner at which you started. Point at the boundary of the circle and begin to walk counter-clockwise (left) until you complete the circle. While you're walking visualize the circle disappearing and the energy flowing back through the tool. When you are finished say "The circle is open, but unbroken." What is Chaos Magick? Chaos Magicians have no beliefs per se. Instead they focus on the practice and technique. They strip the beliefs and philosophies away from the teachings of past and current traditions and keep the techniques that work for them. Their magick is chaotic in the sense that it is not ordered-the take the rigid order of traditional forms out. Chaos is not a system or philosopy, it is more of an attititude that one applies to their magick and philosopy. Chaos magicians will learn a variety of techniques, (like Buddhism, Quabbala, etc) usually as main as they can access, they will see and go beyond the systems and dogmas to the physics behind the magickal force and then uses whatever methods are appealing to them. Chaos does not come with a specific set of guidlines or a ready to use grimore. In other words there is not set of specific spells that are considered to be "Chaos Magick Spells." Simply put, it is an approach that enables an individual to use anything they find suitable as a temporary belief or symbol system. What matters is the results they get, not the "authenticity" of they systems. Chaos is not a system-it uses other systems and encourages believers to create their own. Basics Chaos Magicians view Chaos Magick as a multicolor rainbow of Magick, they are free from the moral restrictions of the traditions they may borrow from. The goal of the chaos magician is to never allow their self to becom stuck in a single tradition. Without the trappings of a specific Dogma, the chaos magician builds a repertoire of highly effective techniques, serving virtually their ever imaginable need. Magicians have developed a mataphoric language to communicate ideas between paradigms. The language of Chaos Magick is simple; it divides magick into eight spheres or aurics: Blue: is wealth magick Red: is war magick Yellow or Gold: is ego magick Green: is love magick Purple or silver: is sex magick Black: is entropic or death magick Octarine: is pure magick (Octarine is a color individual to the magician) - the magick of illumination. Chaos Theory also divides magick into five realms: Enchantment Divination Evocation Invocation Illumination Basically, all magickal operations start with either a desire or intent. From the the intent is visualized, and an act leading to a state of no-mind (called ecstasis or gnosis) is performed, Enabeling the magician to manifest their intent directly causing the desired state of change. Principles of Chaos Magick 1.The avoidance of Dogmatism. 2.Personal experience is paramount. 3. Technical Excellence 4. Deconditioning. 5. Diverse Approaches 6. Gnosis or Ecstasis Sigil Magick The core Sigilisation process can be divided into six stages that can be explained by using the acryonym S.P.L.I.F.F. S- Specify intent P-Pathways available? L-Link intent to symbolic carrier I- Intense Gnosis F- Fire F-Forget Specify Intent The first stage is you should get your magickal intent clear, but not overcomplicated. Pathways Available Generally sigils are excellent for bringing about precise, short term results. Link Intent Once decided upon, your intent can then be turned into a symbolic "code" the most common approaches are a Monogram: wirte out your intent, eliminate all repeating letters and from the rest design a glyph. Mantra: write out intent, scramble into a meaningless phrase or word to be chanted. Intense Gnosis Sigils can be projected via an act of Gnosis, usually with some kind of ritual context. Popular ways include: spinning, chanting, dancing, visualisation, sensory overload or deprivation, and sexual arousal. Fire Simply the projection of the sigil into the void at the peak of Gnosis. Forget Once the sigil has been fired, you are to forget the original event and let it take it's course. ====================================================================== "The interaction of men and women isn't very logical." and "Nothing amazing happens here" ********************************************************************* "Don't look back. If you got something to do, then only look forward."