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Name: demonside
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Hello :) My communication has reached...I am sorry I am full of light and dark I smile everyday knowing that everything will be OK. My hair changes depending on my mood. Can message me, I will not bite, just I am a bit random. I have been here before but I am still new to magic. "Never judge a book by its cover" Favourite song - (got too many) Favourite colour - purple and red ~ My spirit animal is a deer, sometimes I keep forgetting what it really means, I thought it means balance. I can lucid dream and astral project very easily since a little kid (age of 8). I am a of fan of fall out boy and our last night. (Bands) My element is Earth I can hear spirits and ghosts (sometimes) and I have visions but won't realize until it actually happened. ~ I love anime, supernatural, mysteries and mythology :) Practicing ATM: - Visialization - Meditation - Lucid Dreaming - Astral Projection - Protection Spells - Elemental Spells Learning ATM: - Mythology (all) - White magic - Elemental Spells - Astral Projection - Using Candles - Control the Visialization If you need help, I'm here. I'm always the person where the tears are shred on and problems are said, and my advises can be helpful. ~ bye :)