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Event: Ostara

Waxing Crescent
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CobWeb's Profile

Member Info
Name: CobWeb
Birthday: Mar 6 1984
Location: Richland,WA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 15 Feb 2018
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Greetings, I'm CobWeb, and you want to know a bit about me? I'm a Christian Wiccan. Now before you go "o.O You sound confuse, and they don't exist" read this below: What are Christo Pagans? Christo Pagans is a relatively new designation for Pagans who have successfully merged the religious doctrines of Witchcraft and Christianity. They are also called Christian Wiccans in some sects. Yes it is possible to merge these two religions together! Typically, these people believe in the teachings of the Christian Bible, but they stop short of believing that Jesus was a savior who died for their sins. Just as a pagan may chose a set of deities to honor (ie: the God, the Goddess, the Godhead), Christian Wiccans do the same thing. They see the God as Jesus, the Goddess as Mary, and the Godhead or Holy Trinity as Jehovah. Don't confuse Christian Wiccans with Christian Witches. They're not the same thing. Witch is a label that is used in any religion to designate a person who practices the craft of magik, or the science of energy manipulation. Witches exist in all religions, including Christianity. Most people have a narrow view of Christians based on the indo-European perceptions. But consider the magical practices of cultures in Central and South America. These people are devout Christians, who just happen to also believe in magik. Also if you want to sound 'old school' title of 'white witches'... At least in western philosophy.... I can tell you this it has changed my point of view on the world when I began my path at age 17 in 2001. As I had nobody to talk to, or seek help from. I had to teach myself things. The Wiccan Creed and trying to follow it everyday. What I have learned on my own is to give help when asked, but not expect anything in return. Magik will help you out a little, and not to relay on it too much. Never think, or believe you are higher then anyone, even to the creator/Divine. To give kindness to everyone even if they don't give it back. Trust is earned not given freely. Above all Faith; without the faith in the Divine you will not get the answers you seek,that's how the Divine work. If you don't have faith in them...they can't and won't help you. There is forgiveness, and the Divine turns no one away. Plus, knowing about good,and bad karma and how it works.(Coming from someone that was born, and raised in a Christian family. I always felt a very strong pull with Wicca.) My Areas of skills that I have mastered are many. To name a few of them here are the skills if not all that I have maxed. List goes as follows: Divination- Fire/Candle gazing, Crystal ball gazing, Faerie Oracle, Archangel Oracle, Trot, Star gazing, and water gazing. Astral Projecting Protection: charms, spells, potions, and amulets. Elemental Magik: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air Angelic Magik Herbalism Ruins Exorcism Faerie Magik/Green Magik Kitchen Wicca Dragon Magik and more will be add later to the list. If you read in the list above notice how anything that has to deal with "Love" isn't and will never make it. I don't believe in performing spells, charms, or potions that has to do with the heart. I believe that is forcing someone against there will in making them love you. Even if you get there attention,and affection it won't be real and you won't be happy. Don't be scared to ask anything. I even take in students from time to time, but not always. Always remember this Magik is nether black,or White. It's both ,because Nature is both. Loving and Cruel all at the same time.