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Name: Dragon_Fang
Birthday: Nov 24
Location: Here...
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 10 Oct 2013
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Hello to anyone who is reading this...I don't really like writing personal information on a website about myself but it seems like every coven I'm interested in requires you to have something written about yourself on your profile before you can even send them an application... So for starters, you can call me Stella, (which of course isn't my real name but a nickname I've had since elementary school). I'm heading off to college soon going to be a freshman yet again! Never thought I would be excited to do that again! I'm pretty new to Wicca but I've believed in all of the ideas and philosophies it has. I was baptized as a Catholic raised in the Protestant faith, (hated it), and then thrown into the Catholic faith again, (disagreed with the Church on a lot of things including have a pope to lead a religion), and finally I made mine own choice in my religion and choose Wicca since I've always been interested in it since I was little. My goddess is Artemis but I believe that all the gods in history exist and that there is a creator that made all of us. For a couple of years I've been doing tarot card readings for my friends and anyone that I meet in person that wants one done. I do NOT do online tarot card readings! I can only do a good reading if you are there when I give the reading. So far all of my reading have been exact since I developed my own little way to read someone in which I'll let them pick out a number of cards and I'll mix them up flipping them upside down (the cards still facing down so I can't see)as I see fit since I can pick up on certain things in a person even if I haven't meet them. Since I was little I could tell things before they happened at times. I can NOT predict your future if you ask me too it does not work like that. I get random "visions" that I get a feeling that will happen and before it happens I can recall the vision again to somewhat "prevent" it. So far most of the times it's small things to meeting people that I will become friends with in the future, too what my mother will get angry at me about, see what someone close too me is up too or going to do or is doing right then, and lastly I have predicted a death before once years before it happened when I meet the person. Lastly about me I can see spirits at times mostly when I was smaller but I can still see them when they make their presence strong and hear them now if you seen my recent post. I'm not really the greatest person to go to if you have questions about spells since I'm still new at casting and still going over the basics. I have gone through astral projections before but I'm not an expert on anything totally yet I still have yet to make it out of my house Xp...I believe my element is fire or water or both I still have yet to make sure... Feel free to mail me anytime I do get bored but again if you ask for tarot readings or to predict your future I will not reply. In my free time I enjoy writing, drawing, reading, and gaming. If you are interested in writing stories and looking for a website or such to review your work, I suggest Wattpad.com and you can find my works on there too somewhere. Spirit Animal- spider or bee? Either way their not fluffy in what I imagined x3. Focuses - Spirit communication - Tarot Card Readings - Zodiac Readings - Roman-Greek Mythology (mostly) - Astral Projection - Empathy (more like ability) - Precognitive Dreams (again ability) - Wicca - Basics! (Most Important!)****** Interested/Learning - Egypt Mythology - Native American beliefs - Elements somewhat...(not really that much) - Everything else I don't know about :)