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Name: Grohiik
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Communication got reached. Im sorry if i dont answer, i will find you guys with my new account in a bit (to my friends)Hey guys! This is my new account my old one was Wolfie12. My message limit got reached so here I am!! I really wish to be a werewolf, vampire, or any were-creature so if you can help with that message me please! About me... Status: Taken. So don't ask Current mood: Happy and exited Fav game: The Elder Scrolls V.Skyrim Name: Nora Profile Name: It means "Wolf" in ancient dragon Age: If I wanted you to know I would have told you Profile pic: Im a Furry and yes that is my fursuit and no, I am NOT a sex crazed weirdo. Please do not message me hate because of this or I will block you. ~~~~~ I have a question regarding Astral Projection so please message me if you could help ^^ ~~~~~ Current interests: Astral Projection, Werewolf spells, Wings spells ~~~~~ I hate it when people say that im crazy for believing in werewolves, vampires, and magick. I take that personaly because they are judging me by what I believe in. If people believe in god than why cant magick be real? ~~~~~ I'm currently reading the inheritance cycle (on the 3rd book! Woo hoo!!) And will start the dark tower series after I finish it. I draw but suck at it, there's maybe three drawings I would share with people, I am straight but strongly support gays and bis. I don't care if my grammar is wrong so don't message me about it or I'll block you, let's see... oh! I have a cat named Tita, her real name is rose. My sister is on here, her name is Midnightkil. I cuss a lot so don't get mad if I do. Well that's about it! I will update the Current Interests every so often. Hurt my friends, family, or loved ones, you have to deal with me. And you do NOT want to deal with me. Thanks for reading this! Message me if ya want ^^