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Name: mahir
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All unfolds as it should in time and everything happens with divine purpose and reason. The endless cycle of existence remains constantly changing, yet never changing. These vessels we inhabit limit us only to the limits we perceive ourselves with, the limits that our reality binds us with. Our awareness creates our reality and limitations. We are here to learn and grow from experience, from life itself. The physical world creates the illusion of separateness but we are all one in the same when you truly learn to see beyond this realm. We are spiritual beings seeking a physical existence, not physical beings seeking a spiritual existence. Every moment can be a transformation, if your willing to allow it. If you have any questions feel free to ask , i love to communicate with those who are worth talking to. I will not however respond to a simple "Hi" message , state your buisness and we can talk. "For the Night is dark and full of terrors" - one of my favorite fantasy fiction related quotes. "For Those who were lost!" "Soon she will feel that her nightmares are real!" "My dear its a sign , its the end of the line!" "Poor unfortunate souls , in pain , in need!" My Mantras: 1.I must see through the eyes of others so that my own eyes dont lie to me. 2.If i see the light , i must also see the shadows. 3.Through our ignorance and our pride we ignore that which really matters. 4.Enlightenment will come to me when the time is right and for that i must fight. 5.Someone elses eyes are not windows to their soul , they are mirrors to your fears. 6.We cannot discuss facts , we can discuss opinions. 7.Sometimes we look infront of ourselves , sometimes behind , but rarely at where we already stand. 8.If i must make mistakes , i will not drag others with me into perdition. 9.Before i trust others , i must trust myself to trust them. 10. Life is meant to be lived , not interpreted.