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Name: DemonsPlight
Last Seen: Wed, 14 Aug 2013
Membership: Member

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Welcome to my profile. My name is Noir, and there's a lot no one knows about me. My basic purpose here is to explore all kinds of magic, and talk and exchange experiences and ideas with others who use magic too. I severely disagree with love spells. What would you feel if you knew you were in love with someone only because they put a spell on you? My mother left before I was old enough to understand, I currently live with my dad and brothers. I was partially raised by my grandmother, who used magic, and was very open about it. A lot of my views on what is and what isn't possible, magic, and lots more, were influenced by her. After she passed away (most unfortunately), lots of people came and went through her old house, all leaving within a few months, weeks, or even days, on one occasion. It seems that however nice the house looked in pictures, something about it would ward people away within mere seconds; a.k.a, all of the people that changed there minds about considering the house as a possible buy as soon as they walked through the door. Some seemed to pluck up there courage and actually carry on; those were the ones that left screaming. We didn't know any of this, of course, until we got a call from the same agent that had been trying to sell the house, and apparently knew of us, relatives to the 'creepy old witch' (and I'm quoting) that had lived there before, and offered us the house for a significantly smaller price as long as we swore to take it off the market and keep it there. So, we did so. The house was... odd, to say the least. Still is. I remember the day I first really got into magick; I had been interested before, even tried a few things, because of my grandma, but one day, searching all of the nooks in the house with one of my brothers, I found her some of her old spell books, and that was it from there. I do know why the house had such a negativity towards all of those people; My grandma practised some significantly... darker magick on occasions. Long story short, there's many 'darker' spirits still hanging around the house. I love it, to be honest. The house almost seems as if it was designed to cast magick- for all I know, it was. So, that's my inspiration for practising magic. I can't ensure the spells I use (or anything of the sort) will work for everyone, unfortunately. Well... this is formal. More personally, If you ask for my age, I will tell you, but I'm not going to put it on my profile. My favourite element to 'use' is fire, though I don't have a single thing wrong with any others. I'm sometimes at war with myself, which is probably how I ended up with a slight split personality and such randomly coloured hair. I can be friendly, regardless of how I portray myself here. I just have no idea how I should be doing this. Well. Thank you for reading this.