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Name: darkphoenix2
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i have been studying magick now for a while, i dabble into a huge range of topics to see which path and skills i like most.
1) Tarot
2) Runes
3) angel cards
4) Wicca
5) Scrying
6) Goddess history
7) Crystal healing
8) energy healing
9) Palm reading
i want to learn
1) aromatherapy
2) herbalism
3) world healing traditions
4) massage
5) spiritual healing
6) more into magick
7) acupuncture
I've read about them all but i am ready to take the next step in my learning and teach. through practicing and studying, i never knew why I wanted to learn and i discovered why its for me to gain enlightenment. also along my journey i discovered what i want to do with my life and that is to write write fiction and maybe teach one day. if anyone needs help or if you have knowledge to share message me