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Alivia_ariel's Profile

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Name: Alivia_ariel
Location: behind you
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 09 Nov 2013
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Merry meet! My real name's Mentari, which means sun. Whilst my craft name is Alivia (peace) I started learning magick, and (mostly) energy healing on: 10th of April 2013 And I'm pretty young for this site (at least that's what I assume), but I always wanted to start things whilst I'm young. In the young age of 6 I started to feel something special from myself, not necessarily from magick though. I always feel that my ways are thinking are much more advanced than the average of my age (which is true) and about my very unique point of view I've always knew since that day that one day I will make a better difference to this world. I live in Indonesia, some people may not know Indonesia. It's the country near Singapore and Australia. Since I'm pretty young and live in a country that has very little population of pagan people, I still missing some utilities (such as athame [mostly because my parents won't let me have sharp traditional knife] , colored candle, some crystals, and "4-season" herbs :( ) I'm currently in the broom closet, and still afraid to confess to my parents, though I've dropped some hints. My family's religious path is kind of complicated. And I think they wouldn't accept me doing magick, is more because they would be concern of my magick path. My horoscope is... Umm.. questioned (by myself). I was born in December 22nd at nearly 12 am. So, I'm kind of between Capricorn and Sagittarius, but I assume myself as a Capricorn : ) My Chinese zodiac is dragon, to be exact, metal dragon (if you're into Chinese zodiac, you may know what year I was born) My spirit animals, is still question sadly. My elements are air and earth (at least that's what I suppose) I am currently learning philosophy by myself, and it really influence my beliefs. Please don't question my belief, because I think.... I might've create a new belief. *** Below is my chakras' status (8 June, 2013) Root: under-active (-19%) Sacral: open (31%) Navel: open (50%) Heart: open (38%) Throat: open (50%) Third Eye: open (50%) Crown: under-active (12%) I'm working on opening my root chakra '-' *** Move on to my personality, I am a pretty big-mouthed person, lol. People including my family always say that to me. And I'm easily falls into jealousy : ( ( I truly hate this fact). I can be really formal, though I'm very... ridiculously obnoxious and spontaneous after you know me. Spirits. They often scares me. I have some sort of phobia towards them, though I know that not every spirits are evil. (Damn you, Hollywood!) *** Just for your info, I am knowledgeable about literature, in magick such as : making prayers, poems, designing rituals and/or spells and also about chakras (not that much, still working on it) I am interested in: -Aeromancy -Dragon Magick -Divination -Rituals -Herbalism + Alchemy -Astral projection and dreamwork -Energywork -Candle magick -Oils and crystals Well I'm more fond of rituals. *** Nice meeting you! Always open for any message, as long as it's doesn't involve demands or relationship (this isn't a dating site, god!). Try to send it with subject, please :) Blessed be )O(