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Name: FaerieWiccan
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I believe that anything os possible, even if its 'proven' wrong. Some spells might not work, but that might only be because you are not the same as everyone else. You are a unique being.
A lot of people I live with everyday underestimate me. Thats because I choose to hide my true power. I am not who I will become around others.
Some things about me:
I love cats
I love foxes
I love music
I am learning to draw, and I'm already very good
I love to manifest things
I really like all forms of art
I like to read
I like manga
I like black butler
I'm introverted
I like having friends
I don't like to socialize
I love Hayao Miyazaki's films
I like stuffed animals
I'm a sucker for cute, fluffy, and soft things
I have 1 older sister who is a pain
I have 2 younger brothers (twins) but don't let their adorable act fool you, they're monsters...
I like scary things, but often creep myself out (i have, what you might call, an overactive imagination)
I love milk
I love faeries
I like knowing random bits of information so i can show off
I like to learn (gasp!)
I'm learning french
I love europe
I love france