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Name: Roxane69
Location: Silent hill (Fontana)
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What is lifes greatest illusion ?
im probaly the most random person u will know if u decide to talk to me heheh I go both ways I'm punk rock ,little goth sum wat scene a vocalist (I can sing in Japanese ) a play sum gutair an drums witch/ wiccan the night mother is my queen (well most favored in my case) i have sum skill in the dark arts,im a water element an have made water bendat my will an have breathed it like a mermaid I specialize in:
the dark brotherhood
water magic,healing
Singing(blessed with a memorizing voice)
sithis & nocturnal are two who I very much belive in
im open minded dont be afraid to talk to me! my spirit animal is a cat,spider,and wolf they all came to me naturaly.i can inturpret your dreams if ud a werewolf vamper cat , pain dosent phase me nor dose death IM PUNK ROCK ..if any one has a spell to get rid of life like night terrors were u feel every sensation I'd be grateful
Hmmm ;3 im very kind suprizingly lol if u ever need help just ask
Asking Alexandria
hollywood undead
Linking park
Any thing screamo
Anything rock or alternative
The misfits
The casualties
Marlyin manson
crown the empire
bullet for my valentine
bring me the horizon
Ska is freaking amazing I love to mosh an get down
Fav color red black teal or ocean colors blues of a deep contrast
Kittens are amazing
Let Lady Luck light thy path
I am a princess was excited when I found out,also a siren
I have a pet snake whoms past life was a great witch