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FreyaReis's Profile

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Name: FreyaReis
Location: Mesa, AZ
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 17 Aug 2016
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hi, I have been a practicing solitary witch for too many years to count. I have come to a point in my life where I feel the need to connect, share and learn from others. I am open to talking to anyone and sharing my knowledge. I have been called a kitchen witch by many, but I have other gifts as well. Please feel free to contact me. Blessed Be Freya: Origins and Genealogy: This Goddess was said to be the daughter of Njord her mother is not known. She was the twin of Frey and together they represented the untamed forces of nature. In Norse mythology she married Od who many argue is same God as Odin. This confusion has also lead to suggestions that Frigg and Freya are the same Goddess as both were married to Odin and had a magical feathered cloak. She had two children named Hnoss (jewel) and Gemesi (treasure). This Goddess took many of the Gods as her lovers including the trickster Loki. Strengths: She represents female sexuality and the untamable force of nature. Weaknesses: she is not bound by our current standards of human morality. She seeks to obtain what she desires and does not take into account the wants and needs of others. Freya's Symbolism Freyja is often depicted as a blonde Goddess wearing a Viking Helmut and carrying a sword. She rode a chariot driven by two blue cats given to her by Thor. Other myths say she rode upon Hildisvini a battle swine who is a symbol of fertility and a protective talisman for those going to war. She had a cloak of feathers that enabled her to fly in the form of a raven. As a fertility Goddess she is linked to the full moon. This Goddess is associated with the runes, the wheel of fortune and other forms of divination. The Northern Lights were said to be caused by her traveling through the night's sky with the Valkyries. Pictures of Freya Pictures of Freya are difficult to find. This link is to an image produced by one of my favorite Goddess artists, Thalia Took. The Goddess is shown wearing the magical Brisingamen necklace. Sacred Animals: Cats and wild pigs. Sacred Birds: Ravens. Sacred Plants: Cowslip, daisies and primrose. Sacred Crystals: Amber. Freya's Archetypes The Shape-shifter The Shape Shifter has the ability to change her physical appearnce. They are also able to adapt easily to different environments by altering there behavior. Shadow Shape Shifter is fickle ,lacking conviction and constantly reinventing themselves like politicians to appeal to most people. Freya is a shaman Goddess who is able to travel in the different realms by using her magical cloak to shape shift into a bird. She also has the power to transform other people into animals. The Lover: Represents passion and selfless devotion to another person. It also extends to the things that make our hearts sing, like music, art or nature. The shadow aspect is obsessive passion that completely takes over and negatively impacts on your health and self esteem. Freya is a very passionate Goddess with many lovers yet she still care deeply for her husband Od. She also enjoys romantic music. Another description: Freya ('Well-Beloved' Spouse, Lady') Goddess of Love, Fertility, Spring and Childbirth; and as Queen of the Valkyries she sometimes carried a sword. Freya ruled Odin's Valkyries and is reputed to have taught him women's mysteries. Together with her consort-brother Frey she was ruler of the Vanir, ancient matriarchal nature deities who pre-existed Norse patriarchy. She is often shown riding upon the Boar Hildeswin (representing her consort/brother Frey or her human lover Ottar) in an image suggesting sacred sexual union. The boar as totem personified prosperity, vitality and ceremonial feasting for both the Norse and Celts. She was the leader of the primal matriarchs called Afliae, Powerful Ones or D'sir, Divine Grandmothers. A rainbow was Her jeweled necklace; she rode a chariot drawn by cats. Sometimes depicted as the Sow, "mistress" of the gods. Ruler of death, She chose from the dead spread across battlefields, taking them to Her palace Sessrumnir, meaning "rich in seats". She divides the slain warriors with Odin: one half goes to her palace, while the other half goes to Valhalla. In time they might be born once more through the nurturance of the moist Earth, another aspect of Freya. She was also a helpful deity to women in labor. Hopeful lovers worshipped her as she was a goddess of sexuality and making magic with love prayers. Amber is her gem and yew is sacred to her. The runes of Her sword signify power, fertility, and birth. Her attributes are the precious necklace of the Brisings, which she obtained by sleeping with four dwarfs, a cloak (or skin) of bird feathers, which allows its wearer to change into a falcon, and a chariot pulled by two cats. Her chambermaid is Fulla. Freya lives in the beautiful palace Folkvang ("field of folk"), a place where love songs are always played.