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BeccaJade's Profile

Member Info
Name: BeccaJade
Birthday: Jan 16 1988
Location: South Carolina
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 04 Jun 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I am a Christian witch

There are very few places I feel like I can openly say this. Christians are met with some hostility from other religions because of the stereotypical Christian attitude of judgmental and degrading attitudes toward anyone who does not believe exactly what they believe. Likewise wiccans are also met with rejection and are shunned because most people don't even really know anything about this religion and people are scared of what they don't know and don't understand. So naturally a Christian witch gets the stank eye from both sides.

I have a beautiful daughter, and a loving husband, and an awesome god. I live by three main things: act justly and love mercifully (which includes harm none, and the power of three) and walk humbly with God. I do not judge, I only love. i personally use witchcraft to worship god and offer prayers in the form of spells or rituals. However, all forms of witchcraft and religion are very interesting to me and are all important to those who practice them, so I love to hear and learn about them. Im always trying to learn more and hear all different aspects and views on god and/or wicca and/or withcraft.
Blessed be!!

I grew up and spent my whole life (up until recently) in a very small town in north east Florida. I was raised in southern Baptist churches and was expected (I could have said forced) to go to church every Sunday.. or any other day they decided to meet. So there was never a time I can remember when I didnt know about Jesus, or all the stories in the bible. (Which I am now thankful for and understand how that time in my life was a necessary path to wear I am now spiritually). However even from a young age I resisted the church. They never felt right to me. It all felt fake or like a play that everyone participated in every time we all gathered together. It wasn't that I doubted the bible (I did have many problems with certain peoples' interpretations) or ever doubted gods divinity or his great love for all his creation.. But the people that I was being forced to worship God with were imposters, they were so incredibly nice and loving at church but not so outside the church. They would openly condemn others.. Political figures, other religious groups, locals, friends, family.. I don't remember the exact age, I believe it was somewhere between 13 and 16 that I decided that I WOULD NOT be a Christian. The Christians I knew were self-appointed judge, jury, and executioners to all who walked the planet. They took god's bible and twisted the words to support anything and everything they did. I knew this is not what I believed to be right and I no longer wanted to be a part of these masquerade parties.. Putting on a fake smile and pointing judgmental fingers at those around me while proclaiming self-righteousness.

As I've gotten older I have come to realize a few simple facts. I love god. I believe that his son Jesus came here to die for my sins. I believe God gave us the bible as a tool he uses to speak and teach us through. This is a Christian. No matter how much I dislike the fact that other people, groups, religions have tarnished that name. I am a follower of Christ, therefore I am a Christian. That being said, I know that god did not give me this life or put me here to judge other people for any reason. I do not believe that my beliefs are 'right' and all others are 'wrong'. On my spiritual path I intend to, and believe god has instructed me to, always act justly, love everyone and everything, and to walk humbly with my God.

Like I said before, how I never remember a time when I wasn't in church and learning about Jesus.. I also never remember a time when I was 'normal', by the world's standards. I have always seen spirits. I have always been 'aware' of peoples' unsaid feelings and thoughts, their aura. I have always been extremely sensitive to energies. And I have always been drawn to witchcraft. (Funny story.. I use to get in trouble when I was very little - before I could read - because I would pretend my bible was my book of shadows.. Little did I know, that one day it would be :) ) I feel I am a natural born witch. My grandmother (on my father's catholic side) saw and spoke with spirits. And my mother and her mother have a great intuition, and can see peoples true intentions when all others are fooled (however, being good ol' Baptists.. this is not seen as a supernatural gift or anything of the sort). And I have always felt an indescribable connection to nature and the earth. Until I was 14 I literally never wore shoes unless I was at school.. And I basically lived outside. I spent my entire childhood in a tree, in the woods, in a pond, talking to animals, and listening to the wind ( this last part made me laugh.. I just watched Pocahontas the other day )

I struggled with these gifts for a very long time, because I did not understand them. For many years I questioned 'what is wrong with me'.. When finally I realized I have beautiful, powerful, god given gifts. Most of these gifts have gone unappreciated for a long time in my life. I was so terrified when I saw spirits, and especially when they tried to speak with me, that for many years I would ignore them and pretend I didn't notice them, hoping they would go away. And after astral projecting only once (on accident) I was so scared that I feel like I have mentally blocked myself from doing it anymore. When I would walk into a room (any place at all) I would right away feel (and announce if I was with someone I knew) the energy of that place.. The things that had taken place there at one time and the emotions left behind. But after these announcements I was always met with a sympathetic smile, a shoulder rub, and sometimes even a "silly girl"..as if I was a dog trying to use the toilet. So I learned to keep these things to myself and suppress them. Even though I knew in my heart, that what I was experiencing was real and it was 'who I am'. Thankfully, God has finally gotten me to listen, and I understand that I need to embrace who I am, and who he is. These things are not 'against' him or the bible. Every ability that I have was given to me by god, and I intend to use these abilities and gifts to worship and serve him. I cannot describe the overwhelming love and light I feel when I am in my circle meditating, talking and listening to god, or performing a ritual or casting a prayer spell.. or the joy and excitement that overtakes me when I present to god a dilemma and ask for guidance and clarity and he answers my question so directly.. Either with the bible, a dream, an omen in nature.

When I try to explain my personal spiritual relationship I have with god and nature to those I feel close to (which has only been a few, sense it doesn't seem to go over well..) I am usually met with many questions and doubts and judgments. Why do you call yourself a witch if you believe in god? Why do you call it a spell if really it's a prayer? Why do you use herbs to do things you could just pray and ask god to do? Why do you call it magic when it's just miracles?... I try to answer these questions, because I do have the answers, however they're never accepted by skeptical people as valid. So alas, I have somewhat stopped attempting to explain myself or practices to others who have no interest because, really, I don't have to 'explain' myself to anyone. I don't need approval, or acceptance.. only god's love. And I feel like if I (or anyone) finds a spiritual path that grows them and 'awakens' them, they should take that path regardless of the ridicule, rejection, or un-acceptance they may face. The joy I get from my spiritual walk is so much greater than anything I could get from 'being accepted'.

I have written a lot of words here. But ultimately I say all that, to say this.. I call myself a 'Christian witch', but who I am is a woman who loves god, and who also has been given 'gifts' and a natural attraction to witchcraft. I use my 'witchy' ways to serve and worship God. I try to never ever judge anyone. Everyone's spiritual path is their own. I enjoy learning about all views of god and gods or goddesses and other religions. I enjoying talking to anyone and everyone about my religion, their religion, no religion.. Im an easy going, hippie at heart, a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend.

With much love and light,