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Name: waterQueen
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Hi ^.^ my name is Riveen (RI-VE-EN). I am a beginner and i want to learn all I can about Magick. I am interested in element, dragon and light / white magick. If you have any tips or good spells for begginers message me!

~ What color would you describe yourself as and why?

If I where to describe myself as a color I would be light electric blue. I chose this color because blue is my favourite color and it symbolizes trust, intelligence, loyalty and many other things. Also it is related to the ocean and the sky!

~ How has or how will your path and/or practices effect(ed) your life?

I don't think that magic would effect my school life but every other aspect would change for the better! I have always felt my life to be boring but when magic came into my life I felt like I had a purpose.

archer Shadows- Fallow White magic and use there powers towards good and healing others.

PhoenixNightmoon- Black magic used to protect one and other.

Stellamaris- White magic used to connect with thespirit.

Moonchild- Black magic used under the full moon's power.

Starhawk- Levitation and Protection

Starfire-Black magic used for any thing, normally used towards hate and revenge.

Starwolf- White magic and Black magic anyone is okay along as you truly believe in what your doing is right and okay.

Falling Leaf - Truly a nature-lover, you feel far more at peace in a deep, lush forest or even in your own back yard than you do inside any kind of manmade institution, and you prefer to work your magic in these more organic surroundings, whether it be a simple chant or an all-out ritual. Even when it comes to people, you prefer them down-to-earth and sensible, with just a hint of fantasy behind those eyes. You're calm and subtle, and your smile is like a warm breeze. witch name - Riven Wolfbond

I love talking so message me!!!!! ^.^