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jharley's Profile

Member Info
Name: jharley
Birthday: Feb 15 1998
Location: Space
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 17 Jan 2017
Membership: Member

Personal Bio

My name is Jade TreeVillage or Kimura Hisui(japanese translation) if you will.

I'm a pagan, I don't participate very much in the holidays or the traditions, but I'm very spiritual and love feeling one with the earth.

A little bit about me, a long time I feel like a girl trapped inside a guys body, I identify as a girl in some places throughout the net and mainly in trusted groups of friends. My public appearance in the work place and School environment is kept male. Likewise, I don't believe you have to wear different clothes if you identify differently, wear whatever you want.

Some of my interests include computers, mainly markup and programming languages; alchemy, dark arts, ancient ruins, rune stones, energy of the universe.

I'm quiet, love to teach in many different fields of magic, whichever one I can, and I'm a nice person to talk to.

I believe that once a bond is formed between two souls, the bond can never broken, no matter what, you will always meet again in the near future, in some other lifetime if not the one after your current life time. If one wills him/her self, only then may they live for as long as they wish, you just have to play it right along the path, that is my life goal, to live a thousand years.

My experience level is somewhat of a teacher and a student, the reason I say that is because in order to keep learning and get along with your students, one must keep an open mind always. This way there's not really a master, you all experience things together, but you are experienced enough to tell the others to be careful of something or not do something.

My skills are Astral Projection; Dark Arts; White Magic; Summonings; Self-Empowerment.

Rants: If you are against bullying, and even abuse at home, anything like that, no matter what anyone says, we are all equals, WE are all HUMAN. "Many leaves, one tree" yea that's a movie quote but it's written by the creator of it and it's damn true! I'm sick and tired of children being miss-treated, kids being bullied, people making fun of another with scars, for all you know he fought for our country! religions, Wiccans, Christians, Catholics, all enemies, why?! this world doesn't understand unity, why?! any culture that isn't like anothers'. think of something, and i'm not basing this as truth but think about it, the darkness was here first, eventually light shon through, the light feared the darkness would consume them, so the light took action...and all of a sudden we're the bad guys for what? what if light is really evil...and darkness is really good? "yin and yang, the light within the dark and the dark within the light" think about it, BUT...what if we're all just afraid of the light? what if we're afraid of what's going to happen to us if we step into the light? I think we should all let go of your fears, step out of the darkness for even a bit, and if the light really does scare you that much no one is forcing you to stay. Not everything you hear and see is true, just...channel out the negatives, and see a different side for once, then maybe you'll start searching for the truth on the right path, we're humans just like you, we're just closer a bit closer to nature, and we love it.