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Hello and welcome to my profile!

My name is Francis and I'm a teen that has been interested in the occult now for near enough my whole life. I'm a witch, pagan, spiritualist and indigo child.

I enjoy writing; which is my primary passion. When I grow up it is my dream to publish my books and become a sucessful author. Ironically, I'm currently writing a fictional book series focused on witches, though it's only in early stages. Just because I'm writing about witches with magical powers does not mean I don't know the realities of witchcraft.

I have been studying and practicing witchcraft now for around 6 months and in this time I have learnt a lot.I only worship one deity and that is Hecate. Here are what I study and practice or will study and practice in the future.

My Abilities:

- I can see auras.

- I can heal.

- I can see spirits.

- Empathy.

- All those abilities come natural to me, however I'm also learning other abilities.

My studies and practices:

- Spellcasting (writing spells, casting spells).

- Mastering basics (meditation, visualisation etc).

- Wicca & Paganism.

- Potions.

- Elemental work.

- Astral projection.

- Improving psychic abilities. (Focusing mainly on clairvoyance and mediumship however will focus on more advanced ablitlies later on.)

- Herbalism.

- Crystology.

- Greek mythology.

Future Studies & Practices:

- Spirit communication (talking to the dead and other spirits).

- Advanced spellcasting (harder spells, advanced).

- Faery magick.

- Advancing psychic abilities (telepathy, empathy, the clairs, pyschometry, etc).

- Healing.

- Divination. (Tarot, drowsing, etc).

- Kinesis (study it in a non fluffy way and see what goes on from there).

- Astrology.

- Learning about other parthenon's in more detail (Roman, Egyptian, Norse etc).

- Voodoo & Hoodoo.

- Numerology.

- Demonology.

- Angelic Beings.

- Sun/Moon Magic.

These are just some of the many things I'm interested to learn within the craft. If you want someone to talk too, need help or want a new friend, feel free to message me.

Chakra test results;

Root: under-active(-19%)

Sacral : open (25%)

Navel: open (12%)

Heart: open (56%)

Throat : over-active (69%)

Third Eye : open (50%)

Crown: open (38%)

Have a good day & blessed be!