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Name: KatyaWiccaUK
Birthday: Dec 27 1996
Location: UK
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Okay, bored so I'm updating my profile :) lol So first, I'm Wiccan- a witch. I follow the three phase goddess )0( and I do all kinds of spell work. Some herbalism, elemental, luck and love spells- a bunch. I mostly do divination (cloud and tarot) and some rituals. I am not sure what kind of physcic I am, at first I thought I was an Empath but someone is helping me figure it out :) that's all for the spiritual me, pretty boring. The rest of me is just as boring. I love music, everything from rock and pop to classical and opera- to much to list ;) I'm also a big reader, all the fanasty novels such as the Host, The Night World, and The House of Night. I also love being a nerd- I'm a gamer, whovian, supernaturalist, trekky, and Star Wars are all my top favs ;) If you message me I want a REASON. If its just "hi" or "what's up?" I WILL NOT REPLY. It is soooo annoying, and I'm a really polite person, it will take a lot to piss me off but that does it More about me! "Death is easy, peaceful. Life is harder." -- Bella Swan. (X) Smoked a cigarette (X) Drank so much you threw up (X) Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back (X) Been arrested ( ) Gone on a blind date (X) Skipped school ( ) Seen someone die ( ) Been to Canada ( )Been to Florida (X) Been on a plane (X) Been lost (X) Been on the opposite side of the country (X) Swam in the ocean ( ) Felt like dying (X) Cried yourself to sleep ( ) Played cops and robbers (X) Recently colored with crayons (X) Sang karaoke badly (X) paid for a meal with only coins (X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn't (X) Made prank phone calls (X) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose (X) Laughed until liquid came out of the other end(laughed so much you peed) (X)Caught a snowflake on your tongue. (X) Danced in the rain (X)Written a letter to Santa Claus ( ) Been kissed under the mistletoe ( ) Watched the sun rise with someone you care about (X) Blown bubbles (X) Made a bonfire on the beach (X) Crashed a party ( ) Gone roller-skating ( ) Ice-skating (X) started a mosh pit ( ) own a knife (X) ran away for more then a day (X) got in a fight and lost (X) got in a fight a won ( ) go to court ( ) go to jail (X) got picked up by the cops ( ) own a gun (X) love some one (X) hate some one (X) think some ones hates you ( ) is gay ( ) is lez ( ) is bi (X) isn't any of them (X) works out ( ) has a tattoo (X) is goth ( ) is emo ( ) has ever been in boot camp ( ) ever been to juvy ( )loves life ( ) wants to die but not kill them self ( ) wants to kill them self (X) has ever cut ( ) likes to cut ( ) loves to cut ( ) is a drama king/queen (X) doesn't care what people think ( )cares what people think (X)has more than 1 friend