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Name: devoraxe
Birthday: Aug 4 1998
Location: Where peace is a lie
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Why are you here? Oh well that doesn't matter I guess... What am I? Something less then human, but yet something more? Message me if you want I don't really care... What do I want? What I want is to sail this planet as a vessel through the darkness spreading more fear and despair... Oh... You think I'm joking... Own opinion: The person you call the devil or Satan is just a pawn to the real evil that is hiding in the darkness lets not forget that he was a fallen angel so let's think and wonder if there's something just as powerful as god but darker in nature and has the power to miss shape the will of angels and other life in a chaotic way And if you think I'm on God or Satan's side then your are poorly mistaken or just plan ignorant because I follow the true dark god not the pathetic devil you call satan You could kill me endlessly I will always come back Have you ever looked at the sky and wounder what it be like with never ending black sky The void is nothing and it is everything the void is good in a evil way the void is the darkness within the light