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Name: devoraxe
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Why are you here? Oh well that doesn't matter I guess... I am not a follower of god nor do I see myself siding with the devil either. When you learn you lost your humanity and your faith in it you will see that there growing more disappointing at time and be thankful to not be like them. I never see myself becoming selfless mostly because of the monster I am the humunculis made by a corpse to later see that the world is better left alone because of the parasite that poisons it. You may think I'm different only because I am and I hope you see why. You are free to question what I write but as long as their not pointless. I wish for this planet to go into a never ending black sky so we don't see the blinding light again. And no I will not teach you that is what this site is for I know my place so should you. Favorite song-