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Name: Aedah
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Hello everyone. I'm Aedah. I'm 25 and I have returned after a three year hiatus. Back in 2012 I went through a break up and in desperation I discovered magick. After months of researching and studying, I became very well knowledged in the honey jar spell. It successfully worked for me and from that point on I started sharing what I know with people on here. After being on this site for about 2 years, life got in the way and I drifted away from here. My boyfriend and I broke up, again. Through mutual understanding this time, so we are still very good friends. This was the same one I previously used the love honey jar on back when I first discovered this site. Luckily with it being a gentle spell, it didn't force him to love me if the love wasn't there. I am happy for the experience, as I have now come to a place of acceptance and understanding that nothing lasts forever. Relationships fade, even if one persons feelings leave faster than the other. It just takes time to realise it is the best decision for you. Hurt and heartbreak leads you to do some pretty crazy and ridiculous things, sometimes, which only puts the other person off more. Instead of working on a way to get the other person back, I think it's better to focus on yourself and allow yourself to heal, before setting your foot on the ground to take the first step forward. Going backwards does nothing for you, it just leaves you stuck in a place you don't want to be. I am not saying this applies to everyone. Obviously there are the exceptions that do get back together and work out, but unfortunately that isn't the norm. I think instead of promoting remedies to cling onto a broken relationship, I will be taking my time to focus and study on techniques to help people cope and accept the outcome of their situation. I, of course, will keep my Love Honey Jar as well as my Nation Sack spells up for anyone who wants to try it themselves, but I will no longer be giving personal advice on the matter. As of right now, I am not read up enough to give anyone advice on these new techniques, but I will be sure to make a post when I am to a comfortable level where I feel I can actually help people. Until then, I hope you are all doing well and blessed be )O(