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I study and practice Druidry and the science of Alchemy. Have been practicing practical alchemy for over 2 years now and mainly practice in practical plant alchemy, but plan on moving into practical mineral alchemy shortly. I have had roughly four years worth of experience with learning pagan and ancient traditions, myths and lore's, Have a big interest in learning new things and finding out how these things work through experimental means. I do have previous experience from my great grandfather who was a master Native American Shaman who taught me stuff from power animals ( mine is apparently a spider, more precisely a black widow), skin walkers, to acupuncture (may he rest in peace). I am familiar with the goddess Gaia or Mother Earth, also with that of the Norse/Celtic and Egyptian deities. Will admit though that I have a spiritual side but not a deep religious side. "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional" -Buddha Please dont ask me about spells, shapeshifting (physical), how to summon things, or anything closely related. Thanks (Alchemy is not like in Fullmetal Alchemist, sorry I know its a cool show but its not possible). P.S. Transmutation circles did exist before the show but they are mearly symbolic nothing more, they are just one big symbol.