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Name: deadlyice
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Hey .. So my name is Ally.. I'm new to magic and would love to learn, you can help me by emailing me at I will reply instantly, I'm dedicated to magic, and it would mean a lot to me to master full powers.. I have a lot of questions, so don't hesitate to email me.. I have bbm also.. Only add me if you can help me 2890E9E9.. So I recently moved to Hartswater about 3 years ago.. And I discovered this site about a year ago.. Started to take interest, but because of my studies I had to shutdown my account and focus a little more.. But I grow stronger to magic everyday.. So I'd like help.. Like how to start and stuff.. So, a few months ago, someone close to me, hurt me in a very bad way, and it has effect on me till this day, I'm not only seeking vengeance, I want to recover and forget.. That person had no right to do what he did to me.. And he got a way with it too, because of him I lost my family, self trust, and confidence.. I'm willing to fight.. I know some of you are going to tell me I can't use magic to wrong others, its not like I'm going to kill the guy, I just want him to suffer like I do.. So if anyone can help me on this.. Please..