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Born and raised a Roman Catholic, I continue to practice Catholicism steadfastly, but combined with Hermeticism and Eastern Orthodoxy. I have always had an interest in Magick from when I was child. I was always taught that any kind of "Magick" either does not exist or is evil- I disagree. I am one of those people that love ritual, ceremony, and liturgy with a passion- and Magickal Studies has all that and more. I also have a strong reverence for nature that adds to my appreciation for Wicca. I personally beleive Magick is, for me, the manipulation of the natural forces God gave us to help us in life- a sort of indirect form of prayer, using the forces of nature as a connection to God along with the Theotokos (Virgin Mary) and the saints. I perosnally consider myself a Catholic hermetic, and a practictioner of Theurgy- though I absolutely will not touch Goetia and Black Magick with a ten-foot pole. I have read and am acquainted with the Key of Solomon.