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DawnOfDusk's Profile

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Name: DawnOfDusk
Location: Learning from all forms of magick
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 23 Mar 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Im luis to behonest idk what i truely am i keep to myself dont make me mad bad things happen i treat others with the respect i would like to be giveing (short story) Luis: i see them at night laughing at me speacking in strange tounges. i wake up with scratches and bruises from my feet to my head sometime i think im better of dead but i realize i should forget ill regret so tonight ill face evil neck to neck and stand tall no fear out of my soul the monsters will hide in fear of the power i hold im luis and i was 5 years old (I believe in the supernatural/black magick white magick. Sleep hypnosis meditation walking the astral plane And everyone is connected I push things to the extream so please with all do respect don't make me have to Listen to thing I have no interest in such as vampires werewolves or mermaids I don't have interest in things I am not so please do not waste my time I'm very busy with my studies If you called someone ugly take time to think of what you are in my eyes you truely are the ugly one beauty isn't the appearence but the enlightening feeling you get from a person when you gaze upon him or her anything about them can be beauty there intellegence there laugh their smile their personality their companionship and their love for you to call that ugly you must be pretty pethetic beyond belife and I advise you to reconsider what you just said and go to that person now and apologize Songs: jump da faq up by sliplnot last resort paparoach fire and flames dragonforce (only song of there's I liked)I like five finger death punch three days grace disturbed and others I'm a pretty quiet person I do reply to messages though and I Wm a shoulder you can fall on even though you may not do the same for me don't hesisitate to message me a hello or what's up especially Black cross members Facts about me I was born September 2 I was born dead and the doctor told my mother I wouldn't make it after 15 mins. Battleing with death I awoke but didn't cry like normal baby's I have a new goal but I know its unreachable but I urge to see the day when me and death have round 2 I do not worship Jesus Christ nor do I worship his father I don't believe in selfish gods who only choose people to worship 1 god At the age of 13 I faced my inner. Demon myself as a child I walk into a pitch black room and saw myself in there I was shocked that it was me but wasent. I saw Jim my inner demon he layer dormaint inside me for years and when it came for the time to fight he told me he wanted freedom and will kill me to get it in an instant I lunged at him and broke its neck man did that piss him off till this day I have (moments) where I cant control my actions but am still aware of what is going on I believe every woman is a queen and should act like one if a woman acts like a harlet I believe in she can be change if given the chance if a man hits a woman I believe in a death scentence if a woman falls ill be there to pick her up if she is crying alone ill give my shoulder to cry on if a women feels down and unworthy don't act like you don't care take the time to listen to her if a woman is shy do something funny to get her to smile if she is angry and she wants be alone don't leave her alone you'll make it worse stay no matter what she will Hate you but trust me in the long run its worth it cause you never left her side relationships are a 50/50 .deal you get what you put into it so I suggest you treat her like a queen now you'll never know what you have untill its gone I know I did and ive been broken hearted ever since its hard to try again