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Name: goddessdiana
Birthday: Apr 21 1998
Location: Utah
Gender: Male
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Hey I'm gay. I am wiccan. I have been reading and studying for a while.If you ask me qestions I will answer ,and I see spirits. I don't like fluffs so dont bother telling me lies about the craft. I worked with herbs, and I love divination. I done healing spells, and banishing, and protection, and even love, and luck. I love the fullmoon because I sens more on the fullmoon. I done many types of magic I've done candle magic, and cooking magic. I like use magic work in the kitchen and more. I love working with spirits. I've been connected to spirits sens I was really little. I love nature but the only thing I hate about it is the bugs, and spiders. My spirit animal is the rabbit. My favorite animal is the snake because they are so pritty.
my element: Earth
my ruling planets: Venus
my Symbol: The Bull
my stone: Emerald
my Vibration: Determined energy