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Name: darckasdusk
Location: Candy land
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 27 Mar 2013
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Favorite movie : twilight
Favorite color : black (((not emo I just like black because u know it goes with everything
Favorite book : Romeo and Juliet (((((yes I like shaxebeer don't judge
What I look like : I'm a natural ginger light grassy green and gold eyes pale skin normal height wavy hair))((((( my eyes where a darck blue not any more and no I did not do a spell to change it I just happens in my family
talents : .....I know how to play guitar I'm in modeling learning violin and piano and trying to get in to acting
Favorite thing to where : dark blue skinny jeans plain white t
Hobbies : disighning hanging with friends watching movies scary shopping !!!
Favorite food and drink : sushi and Shirley temple :)
pursonality : love to make ppl LAF single :( smart fashionable and sweet love trying new things I'm a Scorpio in chines horoscopes I'm a bunny

Favorite sports : basketball diving roller derby boxing / ballay if that counts
Favorite animal: horses (i all so like dolphins

PS : I know numerology tarot and some astrology and I do a dig kind of numberology not like the 1 on this sight I do 1 where u like as a question I take the letters turn in in to numbers instill there is 1 left witch represents youe answer if u want me to do it 4 u ask