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Name: age13witch
Birthday: Aug 14 1999
Location: Blaine MN United states
Gender: Female
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I am a 15 year old Wiccan and practicing witch.I love to teach new witches. Not saying that I'm an expert but I have a coven with seven of my best friends that also practice witchcraft . I am out of the closet in two ways I'm bisexual and proud Aswell as a proud wiccan
Root: under-active (-12%)
Sacral: over-active (94%)
Navel: under-active (12%)
Heart: open (56%)
Throat: over-active (75%)
Third Eye: open (62%)
Crown: open (31%)
My spirit guide is a large but gentle tiger named zacmere he reminds me of the lion from Narnia he has a deep voice and soft fur he is very wise.
I am an animal lover i have a dog and a cat but my cat i conect more with i think its a witch thing sometimes i feel like i can hear her thoughts.
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Um my birth name is Mackenzie Marie Fodness birthdate is August 14 1999 I think my name is raven wolf nightshade or silver moon or silver wolf which fits me best ? In your opinion or any suggestions . I am a fairly quiet person love the night and the moon, think hard gets stuff done tough very wise my mother used to call me wise owl . I love to dance sing and read. I pray and meditate often . I keep my alter tidy and study all branches of wicca and pagans . I am an actor favorite color purple , I have autism as well as depression and a panic disorder Wicca is my coping skill