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Name: stoney321
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Location: Llanelli
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Hiya, I am just the everyday girl next door, I live with my un-attentive partner Ken, in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, Wales. We have a beautiful Maine-coon cat called Tiny, He is a light tan and white colour with gorgeous green eyes (strange how I spend more time describing the cat than on the partner lol) We all live with kens old (unhygienic) father and (smelly ill) dog (not the dogs fault it's his dad's) We are lucky that be do not pay rent living with his dad, the house needs a lot of work but beggars can't be choosers as they say. I work part time 4hrs a day 5 days a week at TNT Express as a International and Domestic Data Entry clerk (basically I make sure that all boxes are processed to go on the lorries for delivery!!! however its not my fault if the LBO's do not do there job and put it on lol) Ken is struggling with his venture to have a successful business in wall art, vinyl art you can stick on walls, windows, doors. Can be used commercially or domestically. but not trying to sell here lol (if you're interested to know more go to If the items not there email him, he will try to make it up for you if he can). He is determined to be self employed. Since I met him he has never worked for anyone only himself, no been very successful in the past so I have been the main supporter so its a bit hard now with the way the economy is, but everyone is in the same boat theres days. Ideally we would like to make kens business big enough for us to have our own house where we can live and his daughter can come and visit, live too if she wants. I can have the pets I want, can not have dogs or more pets when you live upstairs. I have a brother with is married, lives in Birmingham has two boys and his own business. He is also struggling like the rest of us. My mother lives in Port Talbot South Wales, My father past away 3 years ago (Bless him). I am very interested in the paranormal cannot say for sure if I am a true believer but I am closer to the believer side than the none believer, due to experiences of my own. I am a firm believer in forces, elements, destiny, fate and all that, but I have never cast a spell, and to be honest I have never had one cast for me that has worked, but thats not to say I do not believe its just I have not found a person who can really do it. There are a lot of fake people around. If someone said to me I can grant you a wish what would it be. It would be massive lol. I want to be thinner but not ill I want to be comfortable (money wise) so that I can have nice things and not stress too much about the pennies all the time, you now have to juggle the bills as cannot afford to pay everything all the time( basically what everyone wants) but at no one else's expense. I want longer thicker healthier hair I want no wrinkles and to look younger lol I want to be attractive and desirable for my partner.(as I feel he doesn't see me that way anymore) I want my own house I want kens work to be successful in a way that we can have our own house and live comfortably. Maybe have more of a social life but I Suppose more money would help there are cannot be social with no money. I want to be a better person to I'm sure I have a lot of faults my self that annoy other people. If I could fine tune that I think it will be, more glamour in every way and comfortable living. One wish would be I wish my father was still here. but thats impossible lol Maybe I would like my own Psychic abilities to be better, but also be safe, don't want to have any unmentionables bothering me, as I could help them and others then. At the moment they come and go and scare the hell out of me lol. Ok stop fantasizing and back to reality, I love watching supernatural, paranormal channels, my partner hates them. I like sci-fi and action films. My favourite are the Aliens and Predator films. I read a lot, infact all the time, and my interests range from Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches etc to erotic bounty hunters, 50 shades of grey was a bit too much on the BDSM side for me but good story line. I've read all the vampire diaries, Twilight, True blood, Books, love undead and unwed series very humourous by MaryJanice Davidson all her books are good. I like the erotic shapeshifters books too. Anything that raises the blood pressure a bit and is paranormalish lol ken say's weird stuff. well think I have bored you enough for now lol so will probably come back and change this one day. Thank you for reading my dribble.