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Catching up with past or present colleagues adds to an already frantic day for busy Crabs. There are plenty of things to discuss, as you update each other on your various plans for the future.
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XxWolfexX's Profile

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Name: XxWolfexX
Location: CANADA!
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 02 Aug 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio

Hi!: Sup, I'm Eva. I live in small town in Nova Scotia, Canada but I'm half Greek. I am an Atheist. If I don't like you, you'll know it. Don't message me if you want to hit on me or anything like that because I'll block you immediately.

A Little About My Family: I grew up living with my mom, grandmother, grandfather, and uncle. My mom has been there with me through everything, and she's the best thing in the world, I'm glad I have her. My grandparents aren't the best, they fight (verbally) like most married couples do, and it's terrible to witness, personally I think they should get a divorce, but oh well, if they're happy then I'm happy. My Uncle never made the best choices, it was heartbreaking to witness what he did while I was growing up, but I'm glad he's still here and doing better for himself. I never got to meet my father since I was 2 or 3, my mother has full custody of me, and I'm still not sure if I want to meet him after everything, but it would be nice to hear about his stories of when he was in Greece.

My Story: Well, in September 2011, I had to move to a new place and go to a new school. It was absolutely terrible. I got depressed, majorly, and I had trouble coping with everything, plus I was bullied a lot. It got to the point where I started cutting and then eventually attempting suicide. 7 times I've attempted in total. The worst one was January 29th 2012. I overdosed on 27.5 antidepressants, it was horrible. The pain, everything. Me, my mom, and my grandfather went to the hospital immediately. I had to drink charcoal, the worst thing you can ever drink. But I deserved it for doing what I did, it was punishment to show you something you shouldn't do. That night, I had a terrible sleep, I kept waking up and I didn't know what was going on, I could have sworn I would have died, but back then, that's what I wanted, to die. After that, I was still depressed, I was having over 300 suicidal thoughts a day, it was hard to deal with. In April, I was submitted to a mental ward to get me the help I needed, and now, I'm no longer depressed. I changed schools too, and everything is a lot better now. Some days, it comes back to me, when I just want to give up, but I think of the people I love and who love me and I wonder what they would do without me. I put my story here so people would hopefully read it and realize things get better in time.

If you're considering suicide or cutting or other ways of self harm , think for another minute. What about everybody who cares about you, do you really want to hurt them? You have a future, you could help somebody in the world, you have potential. Everybody does. By the way, you can always message me if you need somebody to talk to.