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Name: Awakened1
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I have been in magic since the early 80s.. I gave it up for a while, But I am back in the arts again. I have been in the Martial Arts since 12-01-76 and Hold a Rouku-Dan in Koka-ryu Ninjutsu.. Even though I have a lot of experience in both, I still consider myself A neonate As far as gifts?, I believe that we all have them. Whether we chose to develope them or not is a personal choice. I myself can sense energy, and spirits. I cannot communicate with them yet, but I can sense its intention. I also 'see' things.. Just a brief 'What was that?!?' I'm sure you know the feeling. Probably my best gift is Healing, mostly long distance. I tried to Astral Project, but my wife woke up and brought me out of it. She said that she could 'feel' my soul leaving my body. All I remember was a slipping feeling, then I was in a tunnel, then I was yanked back. But I am looking to expand them all. Anything else you want to know?? Just ask Blessed Be