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Name: Shane11
Birthday: Nov 11 1995
Location: On the verge of insanity
Gender: Male
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I call myself loneliness because I always fell lonely I have friends but I still fell lonely I got used to it with time. To my friends thank you. personality: naturally calm and always smiling even when i'm depressed. Its like an impenetrable mask that hides my emotions to a certain limit. I'm way different then most people. One thing I hate the most is someone being treated as if he/she was inferior or superior and I think every one is an equal One more thing never tell anyone to die. Death is painful, more painful than you can imagine and I've seen people die (non accidently) so just try not to. If you need someone to talk to, I'm always here to listen. Favorite songs/music: Punk rock, Breaking Benjamin, Drake, Sleeping with Sirens and All American Rejects Favorite film and anime types: action, comedy, horror, and any kind of film or anime with supernatural beings (werewolves, angels,aliens vampires, etc.) My Motto: Judge everybody by their actions not by what they are or look like. One thing I am always bullied in school and every were I go and I am not affected but when someone is being bullied or is in trouble I go and help them.