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rogue2's Profile

Member Info
Name: rogue2
Birthday: Mar 20 1998
Location: ask me.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 20 Nov 2013
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
hey, whats up? There used to be a pic of me in my photo's section, but I took it down. I needed to update it. this is my profile, well you should already know that. I got some funny bleach pics in my photos section, don't ask me if you can see them, my photos are all public. favorite things to say: aw well, :P and, well thats boring spirit animal: arctic fox birthstone: aquamarine: well considered plan astrological sign: pisces, twelfth house, ruled by neptune exhalted by venus. main element: water. secondary elements: fire and air. height: 5ft 6" hair colour: ginger although I may dye it black grey or white at some point. eye color : changes every now and then (weird) skin: white (not to be racist) sexual orientation: I'm a bi, be mature here people my attitude is usually pretty charming, sometimes cold, partially wise, humorous, clever, serious and sometimes I like to push peoples buttons. I don't play well with people who tend to: A.) get in my way B.) bully people (usually I destroy them on site) C.) annoy me and most of all D.) only message people to insult them I don't mind if you're gay, straight, bi, a werewolf, or whatever it is you are, I'll treat you all exactly the same as I would any one else. if that doesn't sound fair enough take it up with me personally. as a matter of fact, I invite anyone who is different from the societies "normal" to mail me anytime. I have moods, some days serious and intelligent, others fun and "playful", the day I typed this was a day I felt more dark than usual. so you get what I'm saying. if not, you'll learn soon enough I'm practicing only one kind of magic, if you want to know what it is just ask fav bands/singers/artists: adele, ZEDD, alexisonfire, evanescence, owl city, deadmau5, of monsters and men, m83, nightcore, and my all time favs Lights and metric. theres more, but I just don't want to list them. fav song: drive my soul by lights and gimme sympathy by metric all time fav(s) of October 2013: Atlas by Cold Play, and Ways to Go by Grouplove song that is basically my theme song: lonely shepherd thats it for now. see you whenever :P --------------------------------------------------------------------- just because something is bright, doesn't mean that it is pure. and just because something is dark, it doesn't mean that it is corrupt. looks can decieve even the most perceptive of eyes. and that is why the goddess of justice is blind. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- the law of the wild, it is not a law that can be disobeyed, and it is not one that is easily fought against, fight or flight, there are no other options, the law of the wild is survival, either be strong and live to see another day, or be weak and wait for the rest of the world to consume you, the choice was made simple, just be strong and survive, if not, die. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- life sometimes it can be good, other times it can be a nightmare, life is life, it doesn't hate nor love any who live it, basically life is how you make it out to be, no one said it would be easy, but then again no one said it would be hard, but just live life, you only get this one once, make it count. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- respect is something that is earned, it is not given as a right or out of a debt of gratitude, respect can only be given to those worthy of honour, those who are unworthy are not to be treated lightly by those who are worthy, to gain honour and respect, prove that you must be given honour and respect, if not, you know where you stand. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not weep for those who have fallen, and I will not do so anytime soon, because it is better to forget and move on than remember and re-live, those who have left us never really leave forever, they just go to another place, where or what that place is I'll never know, but for the sake of those who have fallen, I hope it is a place of freedom and retribution. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- darkness can be a great ally if you know how to work with it, you can use the shadow as a cloak, hiding you from all danger if necessary, and when it is time for you to strike, do so quickly and quietly, noise makes darkness brighten for most creatures. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- sometimes there is glory in death, not always and not never, but sometimes, like when a old warrior takes his last march into battle, like when a hunter has killed a great beast, like when a legacy is passed on to another generation, glory is found in many things, death is one of them. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- only those who admit mortal weakness, will be bolstered by immortal strength. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- over time, humanity will do great things we will discover new life, change the way we see things, we might even think up a better way to move around from place to place but, never again will there ever be another Shakespeare, another Davinci or another Michaelangelo