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FaithImani's Profile

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Name: FaithImani
Location: New York
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 25 Sep 2012
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
I tend to be quiet, reserved, secretive and, at times, quite difficult to understand. Others notice my deep emotions and feelings and wonder how to draw me out. Stubborn and tough, I fight for any position I believe in. I am very resourceful and formidable when I become angered or upset about something. I enjoy living life at the cutting edge -- for me life must be experienced intensely and totally. Quite courageous, I am willing to take calculated risks. Easily hurt by others, I often strike back with bitter sarcasm. Sensitive and curious, I am concerned with the deeper mysteries of human psychology. Once I have become interested in any subject, I pursue it with total fanaticism. I have a quick, bright and agile mind, but an extremely short attention span. I love the external, kaleidoscopic aspects of life, but I tend to avoid (and even fear) deep, close emotional involvements. As such, I seem to enjoy travel and sightseeing and generally being "on-the-go." I get quite listless when things around me become static and dull, but my excitement returns whenever I am stimulated by a new idea. Chatty, inquisitive and quite playful, I enjoy practical jokes and games in general. My moods change quickly and often -- I am very restless and constantly in motion. I am known for my versatility and adaptability. My vivaciousness enlivens any social gathering. Affectionate, warm and friendly, life must be a "beautiful" experience for me. Unpleasantness should be avoided at all costs. I tend to overlook other people's faults and I would rather give in than fight. I am uncomfortable with strangers, but at ease and sociable with friends and associates. Indeed, I would rather socialize than work -- I can use my prodigious charm to avoid unpleasant tasks. I need the support and assistance of another in order to get me started on any new project -- I am not a self-starter. I have a tendency to be overly self-indulgent (i.e., lazy). My refined aesthetic sensibilities attract me to music, dance, art and any other cultured activity. A slow and careful thinker, I like to present ideas visually and concretely. Abstractions are quite difficult for me to understand. For me, everything must be practical and useful in order to merit my attention. I am a perfectionist -- I enjoy being skillful enough to handle the dexterity required of fine craftsmanship. Cautious and conservative in my thinking, I am very slow to change my opinions. I am more apt to respond to an appeal to my feelings than to an appeal to logic or reason. I am friendly, warm, open and tolerant toward others. I love variety in relationships, even though I don't prefer to maintain more than one relationship at a time! Very witty and humorous, I have the ability to amuse and please others. This makes me quite likable. I love to play the field and thus find it difficult to settle down and make any deep emotional commitments. My innate charm and vivacity makes me welcome mostly everywhere you go. Careful, slow and thorough about all that I do, at times I am also willful and stubborn when others try to alter my course. I am definitely not a quitter -- I will work long and hard to get what I want. My possessions are very important to me. One of my continuing problems is that I tend to regard the significant people in my life much the same way as I do my possessions -- I become overly attached and much too jealous. I repress my anger when I get upset and that is not healthy. I try to learn to show my anger immediately in order to avoid painful explosions later. I tend to feel that the only results that are worthwhile are the results that are concrete and demonstrable. I distrust abstract solutions and appreciate measurable achievements. An excellent organizer and planner, I am optimistic as well as practical and realistic about what can and what cannot happen. Very responsible, I consider it a personal weakness to be wrong about anything. This makes me appropriately cautious. I am very efficient but I tend to be cool and detached. I am aloof, independent and standoffish. This is mainly due to my fear that others might inhibit or restrict me and, quite frankly, I feel that I can govern my life by my own standards. Be careful not to associate with those who are overly critical of me or I will withdraw so deeply into my shell that I will become very lonely. I have the ability to stand on my own two feet and to make up my own mind -- albeit very carefully and cautiously. But I am known for my circumspection and therefore are respected and admired. I, and most of my peer group as well, are reformers at heart. I want to make positive changes that will benefit society as a whole. I am willing to devote my time and energy to see that they come about, especially if the proper group support and combined purpose of will can be found. Be careful that my devotion to group goals does not produce too much friction or neglect in my own interpersonal one-on-one relationships. I find it very difficult to be comfortable being alone -- I would much prefer to be in an environment where many people are working together toward common goals. My charming and sincere approach to others assures your likability -- I have the gift of being able to ease tensions just by my mere presence. I'm the perfect "team player" willing to sacrifice my own importance so that the group goal can be accomplished. I'm very careful, however, not to become overly dependent on my interactions with others -- I have personal private needs that should not be neglected.