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Name: witchofwind
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Hello, I'm on here to discover who I am and find others who have had the same experiences as I've had. These include:

-Having strange dreams, not sleep paralysis but I wake up and I see things from possibly other dimensions. I am awake and can move at this time. It is not the remanants of a dream I was having. Often times, it's truly terrifying and I run away as fast as I can. I've seen angels twice like this.

- Having a purple/Indigo aura.

- Seen golden sparkles raining down from the ceiling for a few seconds.

- Being very lucky in situations where I should've gotten hurt.

- Experiencing angels ( I have a lot lately), for example finding feathers and seeing recurring numbers like 1111 and 222 and 555.

I work with the wind. I'm an air elemental. I have a few other abilities I won't put on here.

I am looking to find people like me, but I also enjoy helping others. If you need magical help I am not much of a teacher, but I will try to give advice. However, flirting messages will not be tolerated. I also can't make/perform a spell for you. I cannot do readings either. I can give you advice on multiple subjects apart from astral projection, readings and whatever falls into the category of "dark" magic. I don't do love spells, I believe it is a bending of free will. Everything that happens is meant to happen.

Thank you for reading!

Have an amazing day! :)