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Name: witchofwind
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Welcome to my profile!

I made this account as a kid discovering witchcraft. I've learned a lot, and am always keen to learn more.

I would describe myself as an eclectic solitary witch.

I'm currently interested in:

- Astral travel

- Working with angels and spirit guides

- Different forms of divination (currently studying tarot again)

- Occult history

Message me if you want to talk about any of those topics, I'm always open to a friendly, respectful discussion and exchange of ideas.

If you need magical help I am not much of a teacher, but I will try to give advice.I will ignore any role playing/flirting messages. I also can't make/perform a spell for you or give you readings. I am only on here to learn about witchcraft and esoteric topics, I am not on here to date!

Thank you for reading,

Have an amazing day! :)